good evening!

i love the word evening. i don’t know why, it just sounds really pleasant.


anyway, today was pretty uneventful. i only left the house to go to blockbuster and whole foods. other than that short getaway, i spent the entire day relaxing at home. pretty boring, i know. i was going to do some other things as well, but i was just too tired.

the mtv movie awards ended a little while ago. robert pattinson, kristin stewart, and twilight in general seemed to go home with everything. how shocking! i don’t have any more foodie pictures for today, but i want to share a picture of a really cute mug that i bought on friday! i had been wanting to get it for a while. i know i shouldn’t be wasting money on non-necessities…such as mugs…but i really love it. and little things make me happy sometimes. i can’t wait to drink a comforting cup of tea from it, but my tongue is burnt right now, so i want to wait until that heals before i go sipping anything hot.


on the inside of the mug is the definition of sereni-tea:

n. the absence of stress while drinking tea

how cute is that? an absence of stress is just what i need. i can’t wait to get into bed tonight. i’m so tired, even though it’s only 8:30! well, i hope everyone had a nice, relaxing, stress-free sunday!



One Response to “good evening!”

  1. Evey Says:

    Haha, LOVE the cup, so cute!

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