tongue. still. burnt.

wahhhh, i burnt my tongue the other day and it still hasn’t healed. i haven’t been eating soothing enough foods. actually, i’ve been eating quite the opposite…thanks to a little package of delicious cherry tomatoes. but now that they’re all gone, i should probably try to keep the acidic foods to a low.

now, on to today’s breakfast.


1/4 cup barley plus, 3/4 cup water, some chopped apple, 1 scoop cacoa bliss, 1 scoop peanut butter, some lite coconut milk

i’ve had cacoa bliss for the past 3 mornings. i can’t get enough of it! it’s mildly sweet, yet really rich. and maybe it’s just me, but i also taste a hint of saltiness in it. this stuff is so incredibly delicious. i also got some use out of my new mug by having a cup of green tea with my breakfast. i think the caffeine helped perk me up a bit. usually i get really tired around the 11:00 hour but i think i had more energy today.

i don’t always have a morning snack, but i had one today and it was a lot yummier than i thought it was going to be!


1 soy yogurt, 1 packet stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, some frozen cherries

the cherries made the yogurt freeze a tad, which was my favorite part of this snack. it turned into a frozen yogurt sort of thing. and the cherries were really sweet and fresh tasting, despite being bought frozen. i’m a fan of fresh fruit, but a lot of frozen fruit is surprisingly good! my favorites are definitely frozen mango chunks and frozen cherries. and oh yeah, the reason i put stevia in my yogurt is because it’s plain and unsweetened. i like to flavor my yogurt myself.

dinner tonight was fabulous! from my local co-op i picked up a raw hummus. it’s soooo super thick and rich, that after trying it, i decided to scoop some of it out of my dinner bowl because i knew i put too much. 




those pictures were taken before i scooped some of the hummus out. what you see pictured above just seemed like too much for me tonight. however, this hummus is really tasty. i love, love, love it and will definitely be trying the other flavors that it comes in. if i had been hungry enough tonight i could have eaten what i originally served myself. the rest of my dinner consisted of a few slices of raw red bell pepper and cucumber, long grain brown rice, and sauteed onion and italian eggplant. it was all so delicious! the hummus mixed with the eggplant and rice tasted amazing!

so that concludes this evening’s post. i’m off to watch last thursday’s episode of so you think you can dance. good night!


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