i’m still here!

i haven’t posted since monday and i’m not happy about it! my blog is brand new, so i should be posting as much as possible if i ever want it to get anywhere. the reason i haven’t blogged in a few days is simple. it’s just that i’ve been far too busy (far too busy being lazy.) but i’m still here, and i have a few photos to share. i’ll start with today’s breakfast. it was suuuuuper yummy! i take about 30 minutes to eat breakfast, hah! i like to cherish my oatmeal.


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 packet stevia, cinnamon, some golden raisins, some sliced banana, a few frozen cherries, 1 huge glob almond butter 🙂

i added the cherries as a last minute idea. i knew that i only had a few left in the bag, so i decided to just throw them in. i’m definitely going to be adding frozen cherries to my oatmeal more often. they are SO delicious with almond butter. and i don’t mind the cold cherries with the warm oats. i actually enjoy a mix of temperatures sometimes. although, frozen fruit softens up pretty quickly when it’s added to oats anyway.

these next two photos are of delightful afternoon snacks.


about 1/2 glass rice milk, some sliced apple, 1/2 banana, 1 broken up chocolate coffee jocalat bar, cinnamon

the chocolate coffee flavor is SO good! i love it! it was really yummy with the apple, banana, cinnamon, and rice milk. all of these flavors worked really well with each other. i liked chewing a bite of jocalat bar while swirling around a sip of rice milk in my mouth at the same time. delicious! this was kind of big for a snack, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.


1 soy yogurt, 1 packet stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, 1/2 broken up chocolate orange jocalat bar, some frozen cherries, 1/4 cup nature’s path pumpkin flax plus granola

this was also kind of big for a snack, but i crave things like this in the afternoon. this was really good, and i think i still have the other half of that jocalat bar in a baggie in the pantry! it’s hanging out with a ginger snap larabar that i’ve been meaning to try. i still haven’t tried most of the larabar flavors, so i don’t have a favorite yet. but so far, peanut butter cookie is on top!

i wish i had more pictures to share in this post. recently i’ve been eating a lot of spinach salads and they haven’t been exciting enough to photograph. but spinach + cherry tomatoes + cucumber + a tasty dressing = soooo simple & delicious. i’ve been more in the mood for salads lately than for cooked veggies. i go through phases when i consistently eat certain things. i’m going through a frozen cherry phase right now. yum yum yum. the only phase that rarely seems to change is my adoration for oatmeal. so i guess that means it’s not so much a phase, but more of an undying love. judging by most of the other vegan (or just foodie) blogs out there, i’m not alone in my love for oatmeal. good thing it always loves back, because rejection is harsh. i just finished watching monday’s episode of the bachlorette, and yesterday i watched he’s just not that into you. some people could really use a comforting bowl of oatmeal. if anyone having a bad day is reading this right now, i recommend oats with nut butter over a pint of ice cream!


well, that’s all folks! for now, anyway. i’ll try my best not to disappear again. to post daily is on my agenda!


One Response to “i’m still here!”

  1. merittothecarrot Says:

    I’m a total oatmeal cherisher as well. It takes me so long to eat breakfast. It’s by far the best (and also the easiest to make pretty) meal of the day…
    Love your food pics! It all looks delish.


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