no nut butter?!

good morning! i have shocking news. yesterday morning my breakfast didn’t involve a nut butter of any kind! in spite of this, it was really yummy! some peanut butter would have gone greatly with it, but it truly didn’t even need any!


1 cup soy milk blended with some frozen mango chunks and a little stevia, frozen cherries, some flax plus cereal underneath and on top

that’s cinnamon on the side. i was going to sprinkle it on as i ate, but decided that it didn’t really need cinnamon once i sat down. this breakfast was super! like mango soft serve with toppings.

lunch was an eggless tofu salad sandwich, carrots with raw hummus, and a salad. it was all delicious. look at that eggfree tofu salad, it’s practically neon!



that’s all i’ve got lined up for now. i’m currently contemplating what to have for breakfast. i’m pretty sure it’s going to involve oatmeal. but look at yesterday’s breakfast…you never know! i’ll be back tonight with another post, including a picture of whatever i make this morning. i hope everyone has a great sunday! i really want some new summer clothing. yesterday i went shopping and didn’t buy a single thing. so disappointing. maybe i’ll try to find something today. i hope it’s warmer outside than it was yesterday. i bike ride also sounds really nice. i haven’t gone on one in a while. grrrrr. oh, that’s my stomach growling. must go make breakfast now!


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