vegan conversion

i’m still a pretty recent vegan, having only made the transition this past april. since then i’ve been trying to convert as much as i can. the dental floss i’ve been using forever says that it’s 100% vegan waxed, which it is…but this statement is somewhat misleading. it makes it seem (to me, anyway) that it’s a vegan floss. but it’s not! it contains enzymes that are dairy derived. that 100% part is especially sneaky. it’s my favorite floss though, so i’m super glad that the company also makes one that’s 100% vegan–and it’s cinnamon flavored! what could be better?! i ordered two packs of it from vegan essentials last week, along with a vegan deodorant. i was so excited when i received the package today! i love ordering things online and then getting the anticipated package in the mail.

from the pictures posted below, the first one is of the floss that is NOT vegan. the second picture is of my new deodorant and my new floss! as you can see, the name of it is vegan floss. haha, so clever! one of the things i really appreciate about this dental floss is that it lasts such a long time. it comes with so much more than most dental flosses come with.



so since i’m already on here, i might as well post the pictures of my lunch and my afternoon snack as well. i had a yummy lunch today. sorry for making so many repeat meals. when i find something i love, i usually eat it frequently until something else magnicifent comes along and replaces it. i’m loving raw hummus and burgers right now. all vegan, obviously. today i had a raw veggie burger inside a toasted ezekiel english muffin. the english muffin was spread with a black bean/ketchup blend on 1 half, and some spinach/artichoke hummus on the other half. for dipping, i just mixed together some ketchup, dijon mustard, and black pepper. this burger tasted great! i also had carrots with raw hummus. my favorite!



my afternoon snack was some soy yogurt sweetened with stevia, the last of the frozen cherries i had in the freezer, and 1/4 cup of nature’s path pumpkin flax plus granola.


i’m happy that i no longer have any frozen fruit in the freezer. i’m not going to buy any more of it for a while because there is SO much lovely fresh fruit out there right now, with summer coming up and all. i want my pluots to ripen!!!!! a bowl of pluot oatmeal is just yearning to be born. can’t wait!


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