white pasta? err! guess again!


quinoa pasta? err!

kamut pasta? err!

spelt pasta? err!

tofu pasta? err!

corn pasta? err!

whole wheat pasta? err!

brown rice pasta? ding ding ding!

i love brown rice pasta. no, i LOVE brown rice pasta. it doesn’t take on a flavor much different than white pasta, but the texture is a bit different. it’s chewier and obviously a lot healthier. i never eat white pasta because i’m in love with all the other incredible tasting whole grain pastas out there. these organic, gluten free, delicious little spirals were just what i needed tonight. mixed with some spinach and grape tomatoes, steamed broccoli, and a roasted red bell pepper on the side…yummy yummy. i ate every last bite. black pepper and sea salt were liberally added throughout eating.

lunch was a difficult time for me today. that sounds dramatic. but it was dramatic. i had no idea what i felt like! such an awful situation, i know. after preparing my lunch, i knew it wasn’t big enough. i so badly wanted to whip up something else to have on the side, but nothing sounded appealing! so i decided to just take what i made into my bedroom and be content with it while watching monday night’s episode of the bachelorette. it was yummy, of course. can’t go wrong with carrots and my new favorite raw hummus (that’s too expensive for my food budget.) my mom bought me my most recent container of it, and i used the last of it today. so what did i do? i spent $7.99 on another container. it’s funny because the only two things i bought at the market today were the hummus and more carrots. goes to show what i’ve been eating a lot of lately!

…how do i manage to ramble on for so long about hummus? i need to be stopped. my lunch also included some black beans blended with barbeque sauce, which i spread on a toasted ezekiel english muffin.


look at all those tasty, crunchy carrots! 

my afternoon snack today was a first. i mixed a little bit of soy yogurt with some apple blackberry sauce and added in a chopped pluot, some puffed brown rice, and some puffins! wait…rewind…one of my pluots was ripe enough? yes! i enjoyed a delicious pluot today. it was perfect. i would have preferred this snack without the brown rice puffs, but there was nothing i could do about them once they were already mixed in. it’s not as if they have much flavor, so they weren’t too detrimental to my snack.


i think the other pluot will be ripe enough to eat tomorrow morning, and i plan on adding it to oatmeal, of course! yay!

before i go, i have one last thing to say. thank you to everyone who left me comments today. i’m not very known in the blogging world yet. tomorrow will make it two weeks since i joined wordpress, so to be getting comments really means a lot. hearing from people cheers me up! it really does! i love hearing from you guys. thanks again. geez, it makes me happy that people are even reading what i write!

sweet dreams!


One Response to “white pasta? err! guess again!”

  1. Karina Pinzon Says:

    1.) Even though our cats are absolutely annoying aren’t they just precious!? Do you have a siamese too?
    2.) You cereal looks good too!
    3.) Thank you, sweetie 🙂
    4.) No! I swear I didn’t…! *looks around nervously*
    5.) Philosophical moments are meant to happen at all times of the day! That is actually an old poem written by some woman whose name I have forgotten.
    6.) I know what you mean! When someone comments my post it feels like someone cares enough about what I have to say. It is hard to feel that way sometimes in person though, because most people only care about themselves.
    7.) You’re right. I shouldn’t feel guilty but it is so hard not to… especially since I JUST stopped counting calories. I’m always afraid of going overboard!
    8.) Absolutely no reason for the dolls other than the fact that I have a billion of them from my childhood and i think they are precious.
    9.) 😀

    Comments of my own:
    Ummmm…. I want your lunch? Ezekiel is my favorite brand other than Amy’s and Kashi! I’ve never had Puffins. I’ve never had a lot of things you bloggers eat. Living in Texas makes finding cool things hard 😦

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