oatmeal so good, no need for nut butter!

who said that? it couldn’t have been me! oh, but it was. i looked down at my pot of oatmeal this morning and my eyes told me that no nut butter was necessary. my heart was a little bit skeptical, but my mind agreed with my eyes and told me that these oats were good to go. after the first bite, the good ol’ blood pumper was on board too! chocolaty oats are officially my newest obsession. why had i never made them before yesterday?! this bowl of oats was particularly special though, because not only was it chocolaty, but it was my first bowl of pluot oats! since buying those two pluots a few days ago, i’ve been dying to make pluot oatmeal. so this was a very long awaited breakfast. i mean, i’ve been thinking about the idea for a whole FEW days!


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 1/2 teaspoons cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 packet stevia, 1 chopped pluot, 1 chopped apricot, some golden raisins and goji berries

this breakfast was bursting with flavor. the pluot was sweet and juicy, and the apricot was perfectly ripe this time, unlike the one i had in my oatmeal the day before yesterday. today i upped the cocoa powder content 1/2 teaspoon from yesterday, and it was definitely a positive adjustment! oh my god, the smell of these oats while stirring in the cocoa powder and vanilla extract is heavenly. i can’t wait to think up more combinations.

for lunch today, my mom and i ate at real food daily! my favorite restaurant in the world. we go about once a week. i ordered the bread and spread like i usually do, as well the hemp nation salad (which was a special this week!) it consisted of hemp seed crusted tofu, asparagus, shishito peppers, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, and mizuna in a miso rice wine vinaigrette. it was great! sometimes i’m skeptical to try new things, but there’s really no going wrong at real food daily. as for the bread and spread, i chose the corn grain bread with 1/2 tahini miso spread and 1/2 five-spice cashew carrot spread. this is the combination i always get whenever i order the bread and spread. if you have real food daily’s cookbook, i HIGHLY recommend making these items. if heaven exists, this is what the holy chef feeds the angels. by the way, the orange and purple string-like things alongside the bread and spread are shredded carrots and beets.



does this food look partially eaten to you? the chef must have been kind of hungry back there! either that or i started eating before taking the pictures. you can choose which scenario you think is more likely. hehe.

my tummy is still content from lunch, so i’m not having an afternoon snack today. i’ll post a photo of tonight’s dinner either later tonight or tomorrow. hmm…what to make, what to make…i hate not having ideas!


One Response to “oatmeal so good, no need for nut butter!”

  1. merittothecarrot Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. those oats sound soooo goood. I need to get me some cocoa powder!
    I know exactly how you felt when omitting the nut butter… almost like it’s a sin! Sometimes a little break is nice. But nut butter is just so dang good!

    Your dishes from Real Food daily look DIVINE. As I read the post, I got pretty jealous 🙂 haha

    Hope you made a spectacular supper!

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