they arrived! the stork dropped off my babies!

reunited and it feels so good

earlier today i mentioned in my post about how i can’t live without my favorite pre-work out snack, which just happens to be these incredible green tea bars. i eat one every morning (monday-friday) before going to the gym. it used to be that i could only find them at one whole foods, so that’s where i used to buy them. but then they stopped carrying them! how could they do that to me?! i must have been the only one who bought them. although i don’t know how that can be possible, because they’re so good! anyway, i ordered 2 dozen of them from the company’s website, but of course i had to wait for them to arrive, so i (with much difficulty) went without them for a week. but now we’re reunited and i couldn’t be happier! look at my babies! i mean boxes. don’t you love ordering things online? it’s always so fun when they come in the mail!


hooray! so many!

today i took a walk and did a teensy bit of shopping, if you can call it that. it was more just to get out of the house. i bought a couple pairs of earrings and the cutest measuring spoons! they’re heart-shaped! i’m going off to college in late august and will be living with a roommate in our own apartment, so i’m going to need all of these little things that i use so frequently at home. look how precious they are!


when i got home, i was hungry for lunch, but didn’t really know what to make. that’s so typical of me. i rarely know what i want. my indecisiveness and tendency to over-think are both things that i’m trying to work on. this lunch wasn’t very filling. but it was quick, and like i said, i didn’t know what else to make.


garbanzo beans, steamed broccoli, steamed red bell pepper, miso ginger wasabi dressing

to hold me over until dinner time, a few hours after lunch i had some toast. one slice was spread with strawberry jam and sprinkled with cinnamon, and the other slice was spread with a little bit of cacao bliss. i had never had cacao bliss on toast before!


tonight my family and i went out to dinner at houston’s, the grill/steakhouse place. i ordered a baked potato with nothing on it, and vegetables. the veggies were cauliflower, tomatoes, and spinach. i ordered all of them plain. the tomatoes came with a little bit of olive oil on them, but that’s it. and i was assured that their baked potatoes are only brushed with olive oil and nothing else. i brought my own little container of ketchup because i’m a dork and i like my vegan/organic/agave-sweetened ketchup. i also brought my own sea salt because i prefer it to table salt. so i was able to spruce up this meal. i ate the baker with chives, ketchup, and black pepper. and i ate the veggies with sea salt, black pepper, and balsamic vinegar. it is possible to eat vegan at a place that primarily serves burgers and ribs! i actually really enjoyed my rather simple dinner. 🙂

that’s it for tonight. i hope everyone is having a great saturday! it’s only 9:10 and mine is already winding down. i’m such a granny sometimes! this is why i can’t sleep in!


4 Responses to “they arrived! the stork dropped off my babies!”

  1. Tina Says:

    I understand the joy from receiving the Green Tea bars, I’m a bar-lover, so I felt exactly the same when I got my bars, though I’ve never tried Green Tea bars… hmm, what are they like? Any close-up pics of the goods?

    When I saw those spoons, I thought: “Those are the spoons Cupids use, so they can measure up the right amount of lurv… to shoot into our hearts” 😛 … I *heart* hearts!

    And going to bed early is COOL! Grannies 4 life!

  2. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Those tea bars sound so good! I’ve never seen them before. What’s all in them?

    I totally agree that sometimes a simple baked potato and veggies can be the perfect, light dinner! It’s also such a fun dish to spice up with some of your own flavors, although that’s much easier when you’re at home. 😉

    Get a good night’s rest! And don’t worry, I’m the same way… it’s impossible for me to sleep in, so I HATE going to bed too late.


  3. Karina Pinzon Says:

    Those green tea bars sound super delish. I’m curious about them, tell me more!
    Aaah, nothing beats receiving thing in the mail though. I always go crazy opening my much awaited box of goodies.
    I can’t sleep in either.. But I can never get into bed early. I’m too much of a partay animal.
    Hope your weekend was fantastic 😀

  4. Emily Says:

    Sounds like a great pre-workout snack! The JamFrakas have a little crisped rice dispersed throughout the batter and are a bit smaller! Plus the banana and chocolate ones have chocolate chips! YUM! 😀

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