wake up and smell the coffee! then drink up because this post is long and you’ll need the caffeine.

i love the smell of coffee, even though i don’t drink it. my stepdad’s sister is in town, so my mom bought some really rich coffee for her to drink while she’s here. it’s been smelling up the kitchen with that classic, pungent aroma. this is going to be a long post though, and because of that i won’t go on any longer about the smell of coffee. i don’t want to bore you to tears.

let’s go back in time a day.

yesterday i was tired, tired, tired! the caffeine from my morning cup of green tea did not help me out very much. i even took a nap at around 11:30 and got up at 12:30. that helped a little bit. i never completely fall asleep when i take naps though, so it was more of an “eyes closed rest.” anyway, yesterday morning’s oats were kiwi oats. it was a pretty good breakfast. nothing extraordinary, and not chocolaty! i just wasn’t in the mood for cocoa. but i was today! i bought some more organic bananas last night because i’ve been out. until this morning, i hadn’t banana in my oatmeal for the past few days and i was missing the yumminess! the idea of chocolaty-banana oats had implanted itself in the “breakfast” portion of my brain, which we all know is half! so stay tuned to hear about this morning’s tasty treat. i’m going to save it for the end of the post. best for last! below is yesterday’s bowl of oaties. i played around with the settings on my camera the other night, and now i can’t figure out my usual settings…annoying. i’m being forced to use the flash. but actually, i kind of like how this picture turned out.


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, cinnamon, nutmeg, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 packet stevia, about 2 tablespoons goji berries, 1 chopped kiwi, 1 scoop almond butter, 1 scoop cashew butter

after my nap, i made lunch. it turned out to be surprisingly great! not really surprising though, since i only used delicious things to make it. the best part was that it wasn’t really planned out. it just fell together nicely! i love when that happens. it was really simple, too. simple but tasty!

spinach salad: baby spinach, some barbeque tempehtations, sliced black olives, italian dressing. black beans: black beans, barbeque sauce, black pepper, a little sea salt. and then the obvious: carrots and my favorite raw hummus ever!


the hummus looks so bright in this picture…like cottage cheese or a cloud of marshmallow…all thanks to my frustrating camera.

oh yeah! i also tried the cashew cookie larabar yesterday morning! i only broke off a piece (a couple bites worth) of it since it was my pre-work out snack, and the entire bar is too dense of a snack to eat before exercising. but it was delicious! i like peanut butter cookie better though (sorry maya! i know cashew cookie is your favorite!) i’m still waiting for 2 dozen of my usual pre-workout snack (mentioned at the bottom of this post) to arrive in the mail. oh boyyyy i can’t wait any longer. i swear that working out was a lot harder this past week because i didn’t have my bars. 😦

by the way, my stepbrother’s graduation thursday night lasted a lot shorter than a thought it would, thankfully. but it was freezing outside and i think i might have grown some permanent goosebumps. when it was over and we finally reached the car (which was parked a million miles away because the school was so crowded) my brother said to me, “your lips are blue.” haha!


last night my family and i went out to dinner at our (i mean their) favorite mexican restaurant. before going, i knew that i wasn’t going to be able to order anything vegan there. (well, i guess i could have ordered something, but i definitely would not have trusted it.) it’s a pretty authentic mexican restaurant, so i know that the kitchen must be meat and butter central. i put my thinking cap on and decided to call in a mediterranean wrap at this little organic & vegan cafe near our house. my mom swung me by there to pick it up before going to the restaurant. i got to eat my delicious meal while everyone else chowed down on their mexican dishes. let me revise that sentence. i got to eat my delicious meal while everyone else hadn’t ordered yet and was still chowing down on chips and salsa. in my defense, when a girl is hungry and has a take-out box of vegan heaven sitting next to her, she’s not about to wait! but i did ask my mom if eating before everyone else would be rude and she said no. so there you have it. 🙂

i don’t have a picture of the wrap (or the kale and beet salad that was on the side) but it was just as SCRUMPTIOUS as it was HUGE. the best thing i’ve ever gotten from there. i ate the entire thing. i let my stepsister try a bite, and now she wants me to take her there for lunch today so she can get one. it’s filled with lettuce, lots of little red and yellow tomatoes, cucumber, and baked falafel all tossed in a tzatziki sauce. mmmm mmmm mmmm.

okay so enough about that! today’s breakfast was…ready for it? chocolate-cinnamon-raisin-banana-cherry oatmeal! i get excited all over again just writing that out! what a breakfast nerd i am. i took katie’s advice from this post and added the raisins in while the oatmeal was still cooking. thanks for the tip! aren’t you proud of me for using your technique while making chocolaty oats? it’s really too bad that this picture didn’t turn out looking very nice…again with the camera. have i made it apparent enough how annoyed i am? i just hate how sticky and syrupy and shiny it made my beautiful oatmeal look. i can handle it not doing the hummus justice, but my oats?! not my oats!


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 1/2 teaspoons cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, cinnamon, 1 packet stevia, some raisins, sliced banana, about 1/2 cup frozen cherries, more cinnamon sprinkled on top

i know that in a previous post i said i wasn’t going to buy frozen fruit anymore, since so many of my favorite summer fruits are in season now. but i broke down! i really wanted some cherries, and the fresh cherries were so expensive. i would have bought them, but i was already buying bananas and pluots and blueberries, in addition to other things. so i thought i would save a little, and go with the frozen. i really love frozen cherries! before adding them to my oatmeal this morning i let them sit out for a little while, so that they didn’t instantly chill everything. not that my oatmeal isn’t always luke warm by the time i sit down to eat it, anyway. 

you know how i said that yesterday i was really tired? i’m feeling strangely energized right now, and i woke up at 6:13 today! s.i.x. t.h.i.r.t.e.e.n. it’s saturday! what is wrong with me?!

but the early bird gets the worm, right? even though i would never eat a poor, little wormy. look at those eyes!



4 Responses to “wake up and smell the coffee! then drink up because this post is long and you’ll need the caffeine.”

  1. maya Says:

    love all your eats girly! that hummus really looks like cottage cheese 😉
    ahhh the smell of coffee! my favorite.

    lol, i like pb cookie too, glad u liked cashew though..:) ur too cute.


  2. Chocolate-Covered Katie Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you liked the plump-y raisins 🙂

  3. Erin Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the amazing grass was really tasty (especially considering that I expected it to taste like freshly cut grass!) lol

    I loooove the smell of coffee too – it’s probably one of my favorite scents!

  4. merittothecarrot Says:

    peanut butter Larabar = a tie for my fav. (cherry pie is its challenger)
    They are soooo good.
    Oh gosh, I’ve been w/o bananas ALL WEEK (fortunately, I picked some up today)… so I know exactly how you feel.. It’s almost as if a breakfast is not complete w/o the needed nanner!
    That was so nice of your momma to take you to pick your wrap up (which sounds SOOOOO good, I could eat that errryday)

    On a final note, today’s breakfast looks amazing. I want to eat it. right now. sincerely.
    Isn’t it funny how we (as in we, I mean food bloggers), get so excited about an awesome breakfast? I love it!
    Have a splendid evening!


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