JB and HE meet a couple of strange strangers

so i think i probably had enough oats this morning to make a bowl of oatmeal, but last night i put the thought of barley plus in my mind. i actually CHOSE it over oatmeal today, can you believe that? i’m sad to report that it was somewhat of a disappointment. it was not a gross breakfast by any means, but i have to admit that it just wasn’t very good. my only additions to the barley plus were dried strawberries, golden raisins, and sliced banana. all fine ingredients, right? well, i didn’t really enjoy the dried strawberries this time. maybe it was just the combination of the dried strawberries with the barley plus that i didn’t love. whatever the reason for my discontent, this part of my breakfast was unfortunately average. the other part of my breakfast was soy yogurt topped with a chopped fuji apple and cinnamon. that was tasty. you know how i love when things are simple but delicious! look, mr. wooden froggy made another appearance today! he’s my breakfast model. ribbet ribbet. šŸ˜›




for lunch i went to real food daily (again, i know!) with my mom and my best friend. i think i mentioned in an old post how i would refer to her as HE when i talk about her. after lunch, HE and i decided to do a little bit of shopping/aimless walking around. she wanted a cookie, so we stopped in a cafe where there were plenty of baked goods. a lot of them were vegan too! but i wasn’t in the cookie or turnover mood. the guy who was helping us was off somehow, and talked in an oddly slow voice. he obsessed over the bow that HE had in her hair to the point where it started getting awkward, and he told her that she looked like a grown up little girl. then he told us that we looked like tourists. when i told him that that’s not a compliment, he said that we looked like hot tourists. uh, okay. he also told me that i looked like pippi longstocking because i had my hair in braids.


after leaving that weirdo (who i assure you was so much creepier in person than i’m making him sound) we encountered another one at a raw/vegan restaurant where i wanted to get a smoothie. while HE and i were in line, he came up from behind to look at my menu with me. he kept talking about what we were going to order, and after a few minutes, his hovering started to make us uncomfortable. then he came up with the brilliant idea that we should each get a different flavor and share. “who the hell are you?” and “why do you smell so awful?” were two of our silent questions. after getting our smoothies (which fyi, were not very great) we hightailed it out of the restaurant without saying goodbye to our new friend. but no worries, because he caught up with us a block away to ask if i wanted to try his smoothie! um, no thank you!

as for the shopping, the only thing i ended up buying today was a pair of really soft tri-blend leggings from american apparel. i have a pair in dark gray and wear them all the time, so i think this was a sound investment. this pair is navy and i know i’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

dinner tonight was pasta and a salad. the pasta consisted of brown rice noodles, zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, crushed red pepper, vegan parm, and aĀ dollopĀ of raw pesto made by the same company that makes my favorite raw hummus! it was delicious! but i wouldn’t be able to eat it as a pasta sauce because it’s too thick and creamy. but a scoop or two on top, hell yeah! the salad consisted of spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, black olives, balsamicĀ vinaigretteĀ dressing, and a scoop of hummus. this is the same hummus that i ate on last night’s salad. i forgot to mention that its flavor is sun dried tomato and basil. yummy. this isn’t the raw hummus, though. it’ll be making an appearance soon, because my mommy bought me another container of it today. she’s so sweet, and always buys me my favorite vegan goodies even though some of them are unreasonably priced.



speaking of my mom, i feel bad for my cat. she and my stepdad were having an intense conversation in their bedroom, and the cat kept meowing at the door asking for attention. usually my mom says something to him along the lines of, “babyyyy what do you want? why are you whining?” and then invite him in. tonight she opened the door and said, “i want to kill the cat–why are you so being so !@#*ng annoying?!” haha! poor thing must have been so confused.

i was planning to do some reading after finishing this post, but now i’ve rambled on for so long that i think i’m too tired to. i just started a new book called the pact, written by jodi picoult. one of my goals this summer is to read a lot. i don’t do it enough! but right now i think i’ll just get into bed and watch a little bit of television before shutting my eyes. maybe if i get a second wind in the next five minutes i’ll read a few pages.

but pippi longstocking is pretty exhausted and her body wants some Zs.


before googling pictures of pippi, i completely forgot that she has a monkey! gosh, i used to love her! and incase you’re wondering, i don’t have red hair. šŸ™‚


4 Responses to “JB and HE meet a couple of strange strangers”

  1. Mitri Says:

    Hah! Love that picture of Pippi šŸ˜›

    What a strange person you encountered. Perfect substance for a short story šŸ˜‰

    That pasta looks delicious!

  2. Lauryn Says:

    aww pippi, i havent thought about her in forever =)

    so many delicious eats! i always want to try something new for breakfast but whenever i do, i end up MISSING my oatmeal haha!

    umm yeah watch out for those creepers! hate when that happens.

    have a great thursday!

  3. maya Says:

    haha omg i love pipi! i used to be OBSESSED! with her and the movie and mr. nilsson!!!!!!!!!! omg her monkey i just remembered the monkeys name lol…:) so cute.

    love the pasta dish.looks so good. love brown rice pasta.


  4. Lauren Says:

    Hi it is very cute and I LOVE IT I don’t now old you are but i’m 9 and this is my opinion i think it looks like Charlie from Charlie and Lola I don’t watch it but… i did when I was 5

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