betta than eva!

8:49 AM:

you guys! i am honestly beaming with happiness right now. never before has a breakfast made me feel so energized and just…happy! this morning is a vast improvement from yesterday. i had a divine bowl of oatmeal! d.i.v.i.n.e.

mr. wooden froggy modeled for me yet again, except this morning he was kind of rude and told me that he will no longer wake up for less than $1,000 a picture. i might have to switch to a less superficial model. maybe wooden monk will be more cooperative.



“betta than eva oatmeal”

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, golden raisins, date pieces, fresh blueberries, 1 chopped pluot, CMU! how B-E-A-UTIFUL does that look?

i took emily from curly top’s pbu idea and made it with cashew butter! i also used soy milk instead of almond milk because i didn’t have any almond milk on hand (i actually don’t like almond milk very much.) i sweetened it with just a tad of stevia, and added a little bit of cinnamon as well. this is my new favorite oatmeal topper! thank you emily, you crazy genius! i can’t wait to make it with peanut butter and almond butter. i will also be repeating how i made it this morning because it was soooo delicious. i think i’m going to stick to using soy milk. it makes it so creamy! i can’t even express how scrumptious my breakfast was this morning. the pluot was perfectly ripe, and chewiness of the dried fruit was especially pleasing this morning. i feel unusually excited right now, and it’s a little bit freaky! did someone drug my oats? seriously, i’m typing rather quickly and i feel pretty jittery…in a good way!


haha, i just read the above section of this post (that i wrote earlier this morning, which is why i typed the time above it.) i was so excited about my oatmeal! actually…i’m still excited about it…it was mmmm, mmmm, gooooooood. tonight i have another graduation to go to. this one is my cousin’s. i’m definitely going to bring a book this time. for my stepbrother’s graduation, i didn’t know whether or not it would be rude to read during it. but when i got there i realized how crowded and informal these graduations are. everyone socializes and eats and stuff, so reading will not be rude at all. there will be so many people that nobody will notice anyway. it’s not as if i’ll be playing a portable video game at the opera or listening to my ipod during a presidential speech. note to self for tonight: bring multiple jackets.

after her graduation, we’re going to dinner at benihana. our reservation is not until 8:30. ugh, so late. if i’m even hungry, i’ll probably order a bowl of steamed rice or a vegetable roll. there isn’t really anything else for a vegan at benihana. maybe i should just pack a few snacks to eat during the graduation.

lunch today was fantastic! i had a black bean and pesto sandwich on toasted hemp bread, carrots with my favorite raw hummus, and broccoli dipped in teriyaki sauce. the black beans in the sandwich were blended with a little sea salt and black pepper, and the pesto is the raw pesto that i mentioned yesterday. so maybe teriyaki sauce doesn’t typically go with hummus, black beans, or pesto…but it was what i felt like eating. things “going together” truly doesn’t matter. if it’s what i want to eat, then who cares? i used to tell myself things like, “ew, no, those flavors can’t go together.” trusting your intuition and eating what you feel like eating is really important, in my opinion. i want to be happy about what i eat. the most satisfying meals consist of flavors you actually want to be tasting, regardless of whether or not they all “go together.” this lunch was terrific. the only downside of it was that when i cut the sandwich in half, a lot of the goods started to ooze out! i hate when that happens!



that’s it for today, since i’ll be at my cousin’s graduation later. i hope the remainder of your thursday is GRRRREAT! remember those frosted flakes commercials? “they’re more than good, they’re GRRRREAT!” i’m pretty sure i remember seeing frosted flakes on a list of “accidentally vegan” foods. not that i would want to eat frosted flakes when i have flax plus and puffins! i hardly even eat cereal though (unless i put it on yogurt or top a smoothie bowl with it)…i’m an oaty girl all the way. 😉


5 Responses to “betta than eva!”

  1. Karina Pinzon Says:

    Oats are awesome but I love my cereal too! I’m just a whole grain girl in general 😉
    I am excited about your oat meal too, girl. Your energy is electrifying! I can’t wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

    I happen to love mugs as well. Really, I think I am one of the only teenagers who spends her birthday money on plates and tea cups and such, hehe.
    Thank you for the comment, I really appreciated all you had to say. I found it to be very supportive.

    And I MAY be able to blog in Colombia. I really hope so, at least! if I can, it definitely won’t be as often as it is now, but I am going to try my best to. I’d miss reading your blog so much, too!

  2. merittothecarrot Says:

    YAY! The best feeling in the world is having a breakfast that just makes you beam with happiness. To be honest, it looks truly sensational!
    About things ‘going together’, it’s a pile of poo.
    I missed looking at your blog the past two days!
    Have a lovely evening!

  3. hummusamongus Says:

    hey girl! sorry i havent commented in awhile =( I’ve missed your blogs and lovely eats! That bowl of oatmeal actually does look SO good, and I can’t stand oatmeal (im an oddity i know! I’ve tried so many times but I just dont like it) I’m glad you loved it though!
    Ps. that is the cutest mug! where is it from?? I’m kind of obsessed with cute bowls and mugs and cups and plates..its bad

  4. Mitri Says:

    That black bean & pesto sandwich sounds fantastic! I agree: eat what you feel like whether they “match” or not.

    Haha I bring books when I go out to some events, like my dad really wanted to go to a football game (not my thing) so I read British literature while everyone around me was drunk and yelling. 🙂

  5. maya Says:

    those oats do look amazing! and that is such a cute mug and the frog! so cute 🙂

    i agree eat what you want even if it doesnt sound like it “goes together”…that sammie looks so good too!


    p.s thank you for the sweetest comments on my posts u are amazing! ❤

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