JB strips down!

hey hey hey there everyone!

i finally made pbu instead of cmu! i also listened to the sign (my dream) and had some cacao bliss this morning! when i saw shelby from la belle vegan pair the two together, i thought it looked delicious. and it was!


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, golden raisins, 1 chopped pluot, pbu, 1 spoonful cacao bliss

i want to rewind to yesterday’s post and go back to the subject of lip balm for a second. the first picture posted below is of the lip balm i normally use, and the second picture is of the lip balm i use when i need spf. i’ve got to say, i’m not really a fan of the second lip balm. it isn’t smooth enough for me. so if anyone knows of a good vegan lip balm with spf (preferably 15 or higher) please let me know!



after breakfast, i diddle-daddled around home for a bit, and then went on a run. as i passed my old middle school, i decided to go in and do some laps around the track. if someone had told me in 8th grade that i’d one day be running that track voluntarily, i would have thought they were NUTS. it wasn’t a very fun run, though. my ipod headphones kept falling out of my ears and it was super annoying. i also really needed to pee, and the bathrooms were locked. in addition to that, the side of my head (by my ear) was beginning to hurt. this always happens to me when i run, and sometimes when i bike ride. i think it has something to do with the force of the wind coming at me. anyway, i left the school and walked home. after taking a nice pee (haha, sorry if that’s tmi) i hit the gym, since my original workout kind of failed me. i ended up having an amazing workout at the gym! after driving home and taking a much needed shower, i made lunch. it was a humungous salad. or a “hugh jass” salad, as (to mention her yet again in the same post) shelby would call it. it was a mishmash of a bunch of nummies.



spinach, romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, grated zucchini, 1 chopped tofu veggie patty, 1 slice toasted and chopped hemp bread for croutons, dressing, 1 scoop raw pesto, 1 big scoop sun dried tomato and basil hummus

this was delicious! and very filling. it was definitely a complete meal. i made the dressing for it by mixing together ketchup, dijon mustard, fat free balsamic vinaigrette, black pepper, and crushed red pepper. yum! i prefer low fat or fat free dressings because they aren’t oily. there’s nothing worse than a greasy salad! by the way, that first picture is of the salad before it was tossed. it shows off the ingredients more clearly. the final picture is not very aesthetically pleasing, i know, but i promise you…this salad was so good! i had never thought about using chopped toast as croutons before. it tastes great, you should try it! i ate this salad in the bowl that i tossed it in. i didn’t have any other bowls big enough for this baby! and why dirty up another dish?

after lunch i walked about 10 blocks to a shoe store where a million shoes are on sale. i wanted a pair of tennis shoes (i don’t have any) and i found a pair that i really like. my mom said that she would buy them for me, but of course when i tried them on, the size 6 1/2 was too small…and 7 was too big. 😦

There-was-an-Old-Woman-who-Lived-in-a-Shoe-Print-C10323290…i miss nursery rhymes…

after leaving the shoe store, i walked another couple of blocks to a vegan cafe that i love. i ordered a chai tea and went upstairs to sit on a cushion and read. i drank my chai and quickly browsed through a book about dreams before whipping out the jodi picoult book i recently started. it’s called the pact…i think i mentioned that earlier. i haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but it seems like it’s going to be a great read. one of my goals this summer is to read a lot.


once i finished my tea, i moseyed on out of there and walked about another 10 blocks to sephora, where i had to pick up a new thing of mascara. with that over and done with, i started walking again. my mom picked me up in the midst of complete exhaustion, so that i didn’t have to walk any longer in the heat. i was already exhausted from my longer-than-usual morning workout, and all the walking i had done thus far. my energy level was lowwww, in spite of having had that chai tea. when i got in the car, mamacita and i proceeded to make our way over to whole foods, where i stocked up on a few staples like spinach and broccoli. i also bought a few sweet potatoes, because i already had a dinner idea in mind. 🙂

i had the house to myself tonight (and still do as i’m typing this right now.) i made myself a lovely dinner and watched some television. it was quiet and relaxing. here’s what i made:


brown rice, sauteed eggplant, baked sweet potato rounds, soy ginger sauce for dipping, and another green monster!

i had forgotten how much i absolutely love green monsters. this one consisted of frozen mango, spinach, soy milk, stevia, and cinnamon. my favorite green monster ingredients. well everybody, that’s that. i’ve got nothing else to say! which is surprising, because i can usually find something to ramble about. i think i’m just burnt out!


oh yeah! i almost forgot. the title of this post is actually not utterly random. today at the track i was so hot (because i had on long sleeves like a dumbass) that i took off my shirt and ran in my sports bra! i had never done that before, but used to always wish i had the courage to. today i did! there was even a whole yoga class in session on the field, and a million guys playing basketball on the courts right next to it. but it didn’t feel weird at all! it felt freeing. i guess i was feeling pretty confident…and i’m truly not a super confident person. anywho, look what i’ve done now. i found something to ramble about. but that’s it. i’m done. my mind has gone blank. no more rambling this evening.

buh bye my loves!


6 Responses to “JB strips down!”

  1. broccolihut Says:

    Haha, I run on my old middle/high school’s track every day, and I think the same thing: as a 14 year old, I never would have even thought about running for fun!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Your pbu looks way better than mine! I should try again!

    I laughed out loud at the pee bit!

    I love Jodi Picoul books in general, and the Pact is pretty good (though I don’t think it’s her best). They are really easy books to get engaged in!

    Whoa (about the running in the sports bra). That’s body confidence if I’ve ever heard of it! Good on you!

    Also, thanks for your thoughts on my GM. I think you’re right – strawberries probably offset the green of the spinach. I’m not sure if I can achieve your neon-wonderfulness but I’ll keep trying!

  3. Kailey Says:

    the pact is one of the best books ever. I was up until two in the morning crying because it was just so sad/amazing.
    I love using hummus as a salad dressing 🙂 so good.

  4. psychoj1 Says:

    PBU looks fantastic. I HAVE GOT to make some…
    Have an awesome Sunday!
    ❤ jess

  5. Shelby Says:

    Fabulous eats girl! Love the oats and salad.

    Just letting you know that “hugh jass” comes from Sarah’s blog (http://lovinmytummy.com/)…I got to make sure I give her credit as its not my creation =)

  6. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Don’t you just HATE that when you find THE perfect shoe, but you just can’t get it to fit??? Augh, shoe shopping is so much fun, but only when you have luck!

    I love Jodi Picoult! She definitely has a unique writing style. I haven’t read that one yet, but it’s on my list! 🙂

    Hooray for GM!!! I’m not a fan of adding in mango… it’s a bit too bitter for me, but berries are definitely my added fruit! And of course, the added fruit HAS to be frozen. It’s just not the same otherwise!

    And way to go about the sport’s bra girl! 😉 Rock that thing!!! You are GORGEOUS!


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