a pumpkin-packed day

hopefully everyone had a lovely father’s day yesterday. i had a pretty good one, even though i only spent a couple of hours with my dad. we’re not as close as so many of you other bloggers appear to be with your dads. i’m much more of a mommy’s girl. regardless…i still had lunch with him, my brother, my aunt, and my grandpa yesterday (and my grandpa’s live-in nurse…yeah, it’s very sad that he’s reached that point.) we didn’t all meet up at the restaurant until after 2:00, so of course i had already eaten lunch earlier at home. half the table wasn’t hungry anyway, so it wasn’t a celebratory feast by any means, and i wasn’t the only one not eating. here’s what i ate at home before going to the restaurant:


greek salad: romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, black olives, soy feta, crushed red pepper, balsamic vinaigrette dressing

on the side: pumpkin, a little sea salt and black pepper, 1 scoop raw hummus

pumpkin with hummus is delicious! after having pumpkin in my oats that morning, i just wanted more, more, more! i’m such a beta carotene fiend. my palms are already orange…the last thing i need to be doing is eating pumpkin at every meal, especially because i already eat a lot of carrots and sweet taters! anyway, after i got home from the restaurant, i made myself dinner to take over to my uncle’s house, which was where i went for the evening. bbq was the rest of the fam’s plan, so of course i had to pack my own nummies! i made a pumpkin stir fry and steamed broccoli. yep, more pumpkin! i told you this was a pumpkin-packed day! my dipping sauce for the broc was bbq sauce mixed with dijon mustard. i’m very into mixing, if you haven’t noticed. i’m pleased to announce that bbq sauce and dijon mustard make a pretty yummy pair! oh, and i also had a slice of hemp toast. yummmmy.


i just realized that i was about to end this post without showing off yesterday’s green monster! i had this scrumptious baby right before going to my uncle’s house.


frozen mango, lots of spinach, plain unsweetened soy milk, cinnamon, stevia, sliced banana on top

mmmm, the sliced banana totally made this green monster. it tasted heavenly. i was feeling so tired before drinking this. it was the perfect pick-me-up, or rather, perk-me-up…that sounds cuter. 😉

have a marvelous monday everyone! i’ll be back later.


4 Responses to “a pumpkin-packed day”

  1. Emily Says:

    Gotta love a little swewet “perrk-me-up”! 😀

    I havent had pumpkin in a while! Looks yummmy!

  2. Mitri Says:

    Mm love pumpkin 🙂 Never had it in a stir-fry though! Sounds great. Of course, broccoli is essential and I LOVE Mediterranean food like Greek salads! You have some mighty fine eats!!

  3. psychoj1 Says:

    Your pumpkin looks super yummy! Glad your GM “perked you up!”
    ❤ jess

  4. glambaa Says:

    mm pumpkin! love it too… and pumpkin seeds, toasted. haha just pumpkin in general. what’s a green monster? it looks so good!!

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