pear bear, greek cowgirl, a treasure hunt, and vampires

my oatmeal this morning had nothing to do with a bear, but pear was the star fruit today! and the three little bears eat oatmeal, don’t they? so the title isn’t entirely random.



1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, date pieces, some sliced banana, 1 chopped pear, a few raw walnut pieces, cinnamon mixed in and on top

this bowl was kind of different for me. i hadn’t had a pear in what felt like ages, and i rarely eat actual nuts instead of nut butter. but i love pears and i love walnuts, so this oatmeal didn’t disappoint. guess what my brother had for breakfast this morning? upon first waking up, he goes straight to the freezer…

any guesses?

a bowl of chocolate malted crunch ice cream. yup.

after spending the morning watching some television, blog stalking, leaving comments, writing, and reading…lunchtime seemed to come in a flash! i basically made a repeat of yesterday’s lunch but with a few tweaks.


greek cowgirl salad: romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, black olives, soy feta, crushed red pepper, vegan ranch dressing

on the side: pumpkin, a little sea salt and italian seasoning, 1 scoop sundried tomato and basil hummus

that was the last of the pumpkin! i successfully ate the whole can in two days. it’s really not that hard to do…pumpkin is just too delicious! and i think greek cowgirl salads are my new favorite. greek salad ingredients + ranch dressing = delicious! can you venture a guess as to what my brother had for lunch? (let’s call him DW.)

la di da di da…

more chocolate malted crunch oatmeal!

okay i swear i just typed oatmeal instead of ice cream by mistake. HAHA! i’m not going to edit that typo…it’s way too funny. is oatmeal really on my mind even when i don’t think it is? that’s scary. in all honesty, i did not type oatmeal on purpose. what i meant to write is that DW had more chocolate malted crunch ice cream. and this time he didn’t even dish it into a bowl. he finished it right out of the tub. i don’t know how much was left in there, but the tub is HUGE.

wait! this just in! he’s had more than just ice cream today. he ate a hot dog between breakfast and lunch. could we BE (does anyone watch friends? any chandler fans?) any more opposite when it comes to food? i guess i should cut him a little bit of slack considering he’s fifteen and it’s the first monday of his summer vacation, but still…i don’t know about him. i might need to ask my mom if there’s a chance we’re not really related.

as you know, i’m on a green monster craze right now because i went so long without making them! now that i’ve rediscovered their magic, i want them all the time. today’s green monster was enjoyed out on the patio while i read. this green monster was special though. it had the usual ingredients (frozen mango, spinach, plain unsweetened soy milk, cinnamon, and stevia) but i added a spoonful of extra magic on top. take a look:


while my heart goes out to frozen cherries, they were not the magic i’m referring to. the magic was the spoonful of raw almond butter. for some reason i was simply craving almond butter. i listened to my gut, which told me to just have it! and you know what? this afternoon perk-me-up was amazing. i always eat green monsters with a spoon. it makes the yumminess last longer, and in my opinion, everything is enjoyed more when it’s cherished instead of gulped down or devoured in a second flat. swirling my spoon around in this gm and finding globs of almond butter was more than delightful. it was like a TREASURE HUNT! (obviously i didn’t leave the almond butter on the spoon and eat it all in a single bite. where’s the enjoyment in that?!) i highly recommend not blending almond butter into your gm, but rather plopping a spoonful in afterwards. trust me, you won’t be sad. (make sure you don’t stir it around too much, because globs are the best!)

dinner consisted of more beta-carotene. tonight’s dose of orange: another batch of baked sweet potato rounds and half-moons! along with these circular (and semi-circular) pieces of numminess (yeahhhh, i still like baby words) i had steamed broc with peanut sauce, sauteed mushrooms, and black beans. by the way, seasoning sweet potato rounds with garlic salt and curry powder before baking them…ahhhh, so good! this was a great dinner. it looks like so much food, but it was actually the perfect amount. 


one of my best friends is coming over in a little while to watch last night’s episode of true blood. best. show. ever. we always get so excited for it. i can’t wait to watch! my whole family is addicted to this show. it’s so well-done, and soooo suspenseful. bye for now!


 (that’s supposed to be a vampire smiley…or a vampire un-smiley.)


5 Responses to “pear bear, greek cowgirl, a treasure hunt, and vampires”

  1. broccolihut Says:

    Yum! Your breakfast sounds fab–I like the idea of pears & dates together.

    Your brother sounds like my cousin–he eats S’mores Pop Tarts for breakfast and drinks chocolate milk 24/7. Yikes!

  2. Neela Marijana Says:

    oh boy i had to stop by your blog when i saw it on sunshine and spice blogroll,
    you must have the best blog name in the world. haha if not then i dont know who else? LOVE IT! and the blogger itself seems to be a very nice and interesting person too. cant wait to hear more form you and get to know you
    have a wonderful day hun

  3. psychoj1 Says:

    Have fun! Pears and walnuts is a great combo. Haha, love the stories about your bro’s eats.
    ❤ jess

  4. Mitri Says:

    Garlic salt & curry = excellent idea.

    Maybe your brother will grow out of it 😛 Mine used to always eat fake-cheesy hot pockets & poptarts (and consume copious amounts of beer), but he switched to a better diet.

  5. Jenny Says:

    haha i’ve always got oatmeal on my mind too, girl.. no shame 😉 boys are so funny with their eats.. my brother goes for cold pizza way too often!

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