i have returned from vegan paradise (with a few foodie photos)

i’m back! i had an amazing trip! i ate so much great food, but didn’t take very many pictures. most of the time i either left my camera in the car, or wasn’t thinking about documenting my meals (i know, so incompetent of a blogger, but i was too busy having fun and thinking about other things! you understand.) my roommate is the perfect roommate for me. i love her! and we found the most incredible apartment ever. the lease is already signed! so basically everything is fantastic. i couldn’t be happier with the way this trip went, and how the future is looking. 🙂

here are the few photos i did manage to take of food (ALL VEGAN):


a seed cookie (on the right) and a chocolate chip cookie with cranberries and walnuts (on the left) pictured next to vanilla soy delicious. this was my first treat of the trip. i ate half (or maybe more like 75%) of the chocolate chip cookie in the car because i was too impatient to wait until we got back to the hotel room. it was hands down the best vegan cookie i’ve ever eaten. i ate the remainder of it with some soy delicious. this was my first time trying soy delicious ice cream, and i was not impressed. i wouldn’t have it again, and i don’t recommend it…at least not the vanilla flavor. i can’t speak for the others. as for the seed cookie, i never ended up eating it! i don’t know what happened to it. what a waste! 😦


this was a yummy udon noodle bowl. it had miso flavored vegetable broth, udon noodles, spinach, seaweed, corn, carrots, bean sprouts, sweet age tofu, and cabbage (i think.) very warm and soothing. i loved the sweet tofu. it was too bad that the piece on top was the only one in there!


chocolate ice cream! both the ice cream and the cone were vegan. and this place is 100% organic!  this ice cream was so rich and decadent…i can’t even describe it. it was made with almond milk and cashew butter (yes, cashew butter in ice cream!) and sweetened with agave. mouth-watering good.


a cinnamon-peach cornmeal muffin from the farmer’s market. this was gluten-free, and had a uniquely sweet/salty/savory (is it possible to be EVERYTHING?) flavor. i think it was pretty much the best muffin…ever. like in the picture of the cookies, you can see that i ate some of this muffin before taking the picture. why do i do that?! haha.

here is some more goodness from the gluten-free lady at the farmer’s market:


carrot cake bread. ahhhh, soooo yummmmyyyy. and here are some more farmer’s market photos:




produce porn! hah! and lookie what my mom bought me from the local market, which is somewhat like a whole foods.


ignore the rhubarb-strawberry jam. we bought that at the farmer’s market for my stepdad. i just put it in the picture because the color is pretty. what i’m showing you here is the DCD and WCW! i’ve been wanting to try both of these for so long! i don’t know which to have first! none of my local whole foods markets carry DCD, so i was more than excited to see it in the market up there.

unfortunately i don’t have anything else to share with you. have a wonderful (white chocolate wonderful) day today! i’m happy to be able to cook at home again, even though i ate out at so many great restaurants during the trip. this vegan is ready to get her butt back in the kitch. 😉



8 Responses to “i have returned from vegan paradise (with a few foodie photos)”

  1. Chocolate-Covered Katie Says:

    You are adorable. Nuff said 😉

  2. Jenny Says:

    welcome home, beautiful! so glad you had such a wonderful time 🙂 ❤

  3. Mitri Says:

    That soup looks mouth-watering delicious 😀

    What a fun trip! Welcome back!

  4. psychoj1 Says:

    All your foodies look delicious! Especially that ice cream. YUM YUM! Glad everything is working out for you! Sounds like you’re gonna have an awesome year 🙂
    ❤ jess

  5. Meg Says:

    Welcom back! Everything looks AND sounds great – so I’m sure it was 😉 Loving the ice cream and noodle especially – udon noodles and udon soup are two of my faves!


  6. Neela Marijana Says:

    welcome back home 🙂
    its great to hear you had a great time with your new room mate. i think having everything sorted out with the apartment and how you will live will give you a lot of security in the next days. i really hope everything will be great for you. which i’m sure it will.
    farmer markets are such wonderful places to shop at.
    have a wonderful start to the week

  7. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    I’m so happy for you! It sounds like you have everything all set and ready to go! It’s always a relief when you get along well with your roommate and don’t have to worry about that anymore! And having the apartment all figured out is going to be a huge weight off your mind when it comes closer to moving time.

    Definitely some yummy eats there! And that farmers market looks fabulous! Haha, you are too cute with that last photo… love it! 😉


  8. Ashley Says:

    All the food looks so good. I am especially loving that muffin. The description sounds amazing – I’m the biggest fan of sweet/savoury all in one. Holy yum!

    Hehe – I love the pic at the end. You’re such a cutie!

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