my WCW experience

my first breakfast back at home was oatmeal, OBVIOUSLY. and what else? a green monster! i was so glad to make one this morning. last night, even though i was tired from having just got home, i went to whole foods and stocked up on lots of produce. i had none in the fridge! and i knew that today i’d be craving to cook. so instead of waiting to do my grocery shopping, i got it over with. good thing i did, because i woke up this morning able to make blueberry oatmeal and a refreshing gm (it was a baby monster!)


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, fresh blueberries, cinnamon, 1 scoop white chocolate wonderful

i was planning on trying DCD this morning, but when the moment came, i went for WCW. i’m sad to say that i’m not in love. it was yummy, don’t get me wrong. but i much rather have my plain organic peanut butter. this basically tastes like sweetened pb to me…nothing more. and that’s essentially what it is…sweetened pb. i don’t really want that. and it doesn’t have that healthy, earthy, nutty taste that i love. i think i’ll tell the rest of the household that they’re welcome to eat it up, because i won’t be having any more. i’m kind of sad that it didn’t fulfill my expectations. oh well, maybe DCD will be better.

for lunch i had a sauteed vegetable salad and baked sweet potato half-moons. i added cayenne pepper to the salad and it made it so too spicy! it was so spicy that i kept having to blow my nose, and wasn’t able to fully enjoy the other flavors in the salad. but the half-moons were incredible as always!


it’s weird how after only 4 days of not cooking, i really miss preparing my own meals. eating out at places that offer delicious vegan food is always super fun, but i love making my own food! tonight for dinner i was going to have brown rice, but then decided to have millet instead. i hadn’t had millet in a while, and it cooks in a shorter amount of time than brown rice does. so it was the perfect choice for tonight, because it was getting late when i got home from visiting HE at work and running a couple errands. i topped the millet with steamed broccoli and some miso ginger wasabi dressing. i also made black bean-vegetable slaw, and it was SO tasty. it was made up of grated raw zucchini, thinly sliced raw red bell pepper, black beans, a little bbq sauce, a little vegan ranch, and some sea salt. so good. and the millet came out perfectly as well. some of the millet i’ve cooked in the past has come out too dry. but this was so chewy and moist. it tasted delicious with the miso ginger wasabi dressing. i think 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to cook millet.ย 



oh yeah, i have something maaaarvelous to show all of my fellow vegans! i bought the cutest vegan item at my college’s bookstore when i was there for orientation. i’m saying “item” instead of specifying, because i’m going to post a picture of it in tomorrow’s post. it’s such a great piece of decoration for mine and my roommate’s apartment! i’ll give you a clue: we have to wait until 2010 to use it! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ugh, that surely gave it away. check back with me tomorrow to see what it looks like! ๐Ÿ˜€


8 Responses to “my WCW experience”

  1. Tasty Health Food Says:

    Wow! All of your food is so colorful. I can’t wait to see your cute item tomorrow. ^^

  2. burpexcuzme Says:

    I got fooled too and got WCW! I hated it…it’s so sickeningly sweet! I ended up using it to make PB banana bread…maybe you can try that! It was good!

  3. April (Foods of April) Says:

    Yum oatmeal!!

  4. broccolihut Says:

    I have to agree on the WCW. I am not much of a fan of white chocolate in the first place, so the fact that I could tolerate it tells you that it doesn’t taste like white chocolate. I have been sticking to my Maranatha PB lately instead.

  5. Mitri Says:

    I know what you mean about craving earthy PB than sweet PB. But I found that WCW makes an excellent “frosting” for vegan muffins like carrot cake bran muffins! Or you could probably bake it into peanut butter cookies and give to friends. That’s what I did when I had PBLoco Cookie Dough protein *blegh* and the cookies were somehow scrumptious.

  6. Mitri Says:

    err Cookie Dough peanut butter*

  7. Jenny Says:

    i’ve never had WCW! I’m a big fan of the cinnamon raisin swirl and mighty maple — so hopefully you haven’t given up on PB&Co yet and give those guys a shot :)!

  8. Emily Says:

    I enjoy making my own food too! With the ocassional treat of going out to a restuarant of course! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And of course I want to add you to my bloglist! I have just been so busy and haven’t been able to update things lately!

    Have a fabulous night!

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