vegan nutella!

don’t get too excited now. there isn’t really a vegan nutella…that i know of. but dark chocolate dreams might as well be it! it’s amazing. so much better than white chocolate wonderful, which i gave to my friend when she came over last night to watch true blood with me. when she tried some, she said it tasted like the peanut butter that’s sandwiched inside nutter butter cookies. she’s so right! and that’s precisely why i don’t like WCW. but DCD has such a delicious flavor. my oatmeal this morning was primo. it tasted like chocolate-covered strawberries mixed into creamy oats. mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmmm. and the strawberries i used were all so dark and beautiful. when i took the picture posted below, most of the slices were hiding! there was a major strawberry party underneath those oats.


1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup rice milk, sliced strawberries, 1 spoonful dark chocolate dreams

i will undoubtedly be making that same bowl of oatmeal again sometime! (so there you go jenny, i haven’t given up on pb&co.) by the way, i edited my “about” section by adding a few pictures of myself, incase you care. i also added a “contact” page for anyone who might want to email me. just thought i would mention that! for lunch today i made the same black bean-vegetable slaw that i made last night, but i added spinach to it, and topped it with grilled tofu. yum! i also had 2 mini sprouted flourless tortillas on the side (not pictured.)


on a non-foodie note, the always amazing mitri (all in the oats) passed on this “one lovely blog award” to me. i’m so flattered! i’ve chosen 3 blogs that i want to pass it to, but 2 of the authors are away right now. i’m going to wait until they’re back in business to dub their blogs lovely. but as for the other author, i want to acknowledge her blog right now!

katie (chocolate-covered katie)

i love her bubbly personality, her friendliness, and her ability to put away huge meals in that tiny stomach. here you go, love!


and thank you again, mitri! you made me feel so special this morning when i read your post! i also want to say that there are so many bloggers out there whose blogs i read daily. but i refuse to be so annoying as to list them all. you guys know that i love you! i still haven’t had this blog for very long, yet you’ve all been so tremendously welcoming and wonderful to me. and if there are any lurkers out there, please feel free to say hello! i would really love that!

god, i ramble for so long. (personal goal: learn how to cut things short!) if you haven’t already left…don’t leave me! i’m moving on now. dinner time! i don’t just have a picture to show. i have a short story to tell. it’s a story of utter chaos, and for a brief five minutes i thought my life was over. here is a picture of the absolutely amazing bowl of brown rice pasta i made tonight:


i wish it looked prettier in the picture.

unfortunately, i was only able to enjoy a few bites from this bowl. why? because of a horrific catastrophe. i spilled the entire thing on my bed. yes, it went completely upside down. i had to re-make the whole dinner, and was forced to use zucchini because there wasn’t any spinach left. and spinach was by far the best vegetable for this dish. ugh, it was an awful experience. i won’t go into anymore detail. obviously my life is just FULL of the worst problems there are in the world.

pcc (pumpkin-coconut-chili) sauce recipe:

1 cup pureed pumpkin

1/4 cup lite coconut milk

2 teaspoons miso paste

1 teaspoon chili powder (or to taste)

go make this sauce now! it’s so thick and delicious! i garnished my pasta with black olives and some black pepper. it tasted reeeeaaaally great (even the second version, which was made in a total hurry.) okay, now onto the vegan “item” that i mentioned in last night’s post. it’s a calendar! i can’t wait to hang this up on january 1st!

the front:


the back:


a few close ups of pictures from different months:




how spectacular is that calendar? GO VEGAN! but only if you want to. omnies and carnies…no pressure! i still love you just the same as i do the herbies. anyway, i’m off to look at some blogs and then watch a movie with my brother and stepdad. goodnight everyone!


9 Responses to “vegan nutella!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Hello lovely. Firstly, well done on your award. Your blog really is amazing – I love seeing all the new and exciting things you come up with. I get a feeling I would like WCW only because I like WC… but DCD sounds really good. And your morning oatbran sounds beyond divine! I love it when breakfast tastes like dessert – you know then that you’ve done a great job 🙂

    You know what else tastes almost exactly like nutella? Hazelnut nut butter! Seriously, its awesome. I bet you would like it.

    Do you have a recipe for your black bean-vegetable slaw? If you do, I would love for you to share it!!

    It is so sad you spilled your dinner on your bed. How annoying! I’m such a clutz myself, I always spill stuff. But its particularly bad if its something tasty that you’ve made 😦 Plus, I bet your bed didn’t fare to well.

    I love the calender and the whole “go vegan! but only if you want too”. I like the diplomacy there 😉

  2. Mitri Says:

    Wahh! That’s exactly what I thought when I tried DCD. And it’s much healthier, I believe!

    Sorry your had a dinner accident 😦 Somehow I always manage to spill something on my clothes.

  3. Kailey Says:

    aww your comment was so sweet 🙂 thanks for stopping by!!

    oh goodness, the DCD is so addicting!! its so hard not to just eat it straight from the jar for the whole day!
    sorry about the dinner spill!! that always seems to happen to me too…
    have a great day

  4. Jenny Says:

    yay yay yay i’m so happy DCD treated you well, he never lets me down 🙂 delish bowl of oas!

  5. psychoj1 Says:

    DCD is amazing. truly amazing. It’s best in oats in my opinion!

    Uh-oh about spilling it on your bed. I spill things ALL THE TIME. No worries 🙂

    ❤ jess

  6. Chocolate-Covered Katie Says:

    Oh I want to cry right now, I am so touched by your kindness. And I didn’t think you could get any sweeter. I was wrong. You are amazing, girl. Thank you so much!

    And you are totally undeserving of that horrible dinner spill 😦

    But the sauce sounds awesome!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day; you SO deserve it!!

  7. Emily Says:

    That big spoonful of DCD just looks divine!

    I just found your blog not too long ago, but I still think you arer more than deserving of that award! 😀

  8. Shelby Says:

    Aww darn, I would have taken WCW off your hands! Its my favorite! I actually don’t like DCD anymore. I think it was too rich for my tastes. I’m not a big chocolate person either.

    Mmm, that pumpkin sauce sounds lovely! Too bad about the spill 😦

  9. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Congrats on the award hun, you totally deserve it! 🙂

    AWESOME salad!!! Such a pretty presentation too!

    SOOOO sorry to hear about the sauce catastrophe. I absolutely hate it when I spend so long on something and am so excited to eat it, then totally dump it all on the floor. At least you were able to catch a pretty picture of it before the accident! And you’ll be able to enjoy making it again too! 🙂


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