i want real food…DAILY

my FAVORITE bread that i mentioned in yesterday’s post is real food daily’s corn-grain bread. that’s what they call it at the restaurant. in their cookbook they call it multi-grain quick bread. this is the most amazing bread in the world! it is so heavenly, and chock full of grains! the result of the loaf i baked yesterday? successful! woohoo! (by the way, thank you shelby.)


as an afternoon snack i couldn’t help but have a slice. i knew that i didn’t want to have it for dinner, and i wasn’t about to wait until today to try it! i ate this moist, delicious piece of bread with a side of particularly runny pbu. it would have been nicer if the pbu had come out a bit thicker, but it still tasted really good drizzled on top of the bread. it soaked into the chewy grains. mmmmmmmmmm!


i will admit that my loaf tastes a tiny bit different than the slices i’ve had at the restaurant, but it’s just as good! i’m very proud. yummy, yummy, in my tummy! 😀

now onto some other eats…


steamed green beans drizzled with soy ginger sauce, baked yam rounds and dijon mustard for dipping, garden veggie tempeh grilled with a bit of teriyaki sauce

i’m going to stop saying sweet potato when referring to a yam. they’re two different things, and even though i (as well as most people) tend to call yams sweet potatoes, i’ve decided to use the correct term from now on. maybe one day i’ll actually try a sweet potato, but until then, i’m saying yammies! it’s more fun of a word, anyway!


rye crackers, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, garbanzo dip, a pinto bean burger inspired by heather, and a green monster made with mango and pineapple!

my burger tasted great, but it wasn’t much of a burger. it kind of stuck to the grill, making it hard to flip, and it didn’t stick together like a patty. it was too soft. i guess that’s what i get for modifying a successful recipe! at least it looks like a burger on the plate! it was more of a warm dip, though. still yummy! it was made up of pinto beans, a little bit of oat flour, sea salt, black pepper, finely chopped green bell pepper, and some shredded carrot. oh yeah, the reason i called the side dish “garbanzo dip” instead of hummus is because it technically wasn’t hummus. it didn’t have any tahini in it. it was just garbanzo beans blended with a little bit of sea salt, black pepper, italian seasoning, and plain unsweetened soy milk. really tasty! on the subject of tastiness, this green monster was fabulous! when i was picking up frozen mango at the co-op yesterday, i saw frozen pineapple and decided to buy a bag of that as well. mango and pineapple are wonderful together! what would i do without my delicious green monsters?!

green monster

why yes, i did make this little guy myself. courtesy of photoshop.

i hope everyone has a splendid tuesday today! (this post feels so empty without a photo of oats! but i’m savin’ up for my breakfast post at the end of the week!)


11 Responses to “i want real food…DAILY”

  1. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Hmm.. I might try making sure that everything was finely chopped, not adding in any water, tryin some non-stick spray on the pan, and waiting an extra few minutes for it to brown. I’ve found that a few extra minutes on each side really hardens it up. Hope you try it again… I swear it is delicious – especially if you add all the spices!

    btw, the cornbread looks amazing!!!


  2. psychoj1 Says:

    That bread looks and sounds delicious! Yummy! Your green monster is so cute. Hope you master the “burger!”
    ❤ jess

  3. Meg Says:

    I love your little Green Monster! I made one in paint a few weeks ago, but it definitely wasn’t as cute as yours 😉

    You should post the recipe for that bread – it looks & sounds delicious, so I’m sure it is!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Jenny Says:

    haha your green monster is too cute! I could play with photoshop all day 🙂

    that bread sounds divine! does it taste like cornbread?! mmm.. thats my favorite! (especially with Pb, duh!)

    have a great day beautiful!
    xo, Jenny

  5. Kailey Says:

    ahah i love your green monster 😀
    wow that bread looks like it turned out amazing!

  6. Emily Says:

    Corn grain bread sounds really delish.

    I really don’t know the difference between sweet potatoes and yams, but I should!

    Aww, your green monster is so adorable. 🙂

  7. Shelby Says:

    Your welcome hun! I’ve got to try some of that lovin soon! haha

  8. Maggie Says:

    Oh man, cornbread…. MMMMM.

  9. broccolihut Says:

    Is that storebought tempeh, or did add the seasoning yourself? I’ve been thinking that I need to branch out from my tofu obsession.

  10. burpexcuzme Says:

    oh, cornbread is my fav bread in the entire world…man…I love the grittiness of it!
    Oh, and what a cute guy! hahahaha! You’re talented with photoshop!

  11. Mitri Says:

    Oh, that monster 😛

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