trust yourself

happy friday!

i have foodie photos to upload, but i’m at my cousins’ house right now and i left my camera at home! i even brought my cord so that i could upload the photos and post from here. but the cord doesn’t really serve a purpose without the camera now, does it? in other news, i have to work all day tomorrow at a huge body building event. i co-run the ticket booth. maybe i’ll take some pictures to show you guys. some of these people are insane in the membrane! super ripped and orange. i mean…tan. hehe. anyway, i get a break in the middle of the day, so i’ll try to post then. i probably won’t have time to in the morning.

meanwhile, i think you should all take a look at this challenge, presented to you by THE SPECIAL K TREATMENT! it has to do with trust, something we could all probably use a little bit more of in our lives. especially when it comes to trusting ourselves.

also, i hope everyone keeps giving heather (health, happiness, and hope) lots of words of encouragement! she just had foot surgery! extra support never hurts. hope you’re holding up well, heather! πŸ™‚

enjoy what’s left of the day, everybody!


8 Responses to “trust yourself”

  1. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    You are so darn wonderful JB!!! Thanks so much for that shout-out! I’m definitely not feeling my best tonight, so it’s wonderful to have this to lift my spirits! πŸ™‚

    Haha, sounds like you have an interesting day ahead of you. I totally want to see some pics… I’m sure it would give me a much-needed laugh.


  2. psychoj1 Says:

    I would love to see pics and hopefully get a good laugh over some of them LOL.
    ❀ jess

  3. Neela Marijana Says:

    cant wait for the photos. in the meantime enjoy your weekend beautiful xx

  4. Helen (Tales Over Tea) Says:

    Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

  5. Mitri Says:

    Super ripped & orange is how I like my.. oranges πŸ˜‰

  6. veganfritz Says:

    Ew body builders. I’m kind of glad that my gym membership expired because I was sick of all of the muscle heads training for big body builder competition. It repulses me slightly.
    I like the concept of trust yourself. I’m not sure I am going to participate however because I already do trust myself. I’m not certain I need affirmation that I do indeed trust myself. I will make a mental note of course. I hope the expo work goes well.

  7. Gena (Choosing Raw) Says:

    I mean to check out that challenge tonight!

    In the meantime, thanks honey, for the blog visit! I am so delighted to meet you, too! And lovin’ my intro to your blog.

  8. Kailey Says:

    have fun working tomorrow πŸ™‚
    can’t wait for the pictures!

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