lunch break

yesterday i ate breakfast out of my new bowl! i think meals taste better to me when i like what i’m eating them out of, haha. but i think that goes for almost everyone. (think oats in a jar.) i really want to go back to color me mine and paint more items, but that place is so expensive!


1/2 cup oat bran, 1 cup water, cinnamon, stevia, coconut abu (shelby…this coconut abu was so good! but i wish it tasted more coconutty.)

ever since seeing the “no queso quesadilla” recipe in the vegan table, i’ve been wanting to make it. i used to love quesadillas before being vegan. i was such a cheese girl! it’s so hard to believe, because i can’t imagine eating or even wanting to eat cheese today. this recipe is really simple, and so is the recipe for the hummus that goes inside of it. i loved this lunch! i had a salad on the side, consisting of mixed greens and chopped red bell pepper, tossed in a little bit of bqq sauce and vegan ranch. i will without a doubt be making another “no queso quesadilla” soon.



before heading to my cousins’ house for the evening, i made a delicious green monster. earlier in the day i had put some fresh strawberries and blueberries in the freezer so that they would be ready to go when i wanted my gm! i loved the forest green color of this monster.


strawberries, blueberries, spinach, unsweetened almond milk, 1 packet of amazing grass in goji & acai flavor, about 1/2 packet stevia

being the only vegan in my family, whenever i have plans to go to my cousins’ house i always pack dinner for myself. last night i packed a combination of grains, some baked tofu, and roasted green beans. i planned way ahead of time and made all of this earlier in the day, so that it would have time to cool before i needed to pack it up! i also packed some dijon mustard on the side. always good for dipping! i really think dijon mustard goes with everything…


breakfast today was cocoa-coco oat bran! it tasted a lot like cacao bliss, and was the perfect start to my day. it was filling enough, but still felt pretty light.


1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup light coconut milk, 1 1/2 teaspoons cocoa powder, 1 packet stevia, blueberries, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, 1 spoonful pb

right now i’m on my lunch break (i get over 3 hours!) and i just finished a very tasty wrap a little while ago. it was filled with grated carrot, grated zucchini, chopped cherry tomatoes, sliced red bell pepper, black olives, a little bitta sea salt and black pepper, and some of the leftover hummus i made for my “no queso quesadilla” yesterday. i used bbq sauce to dip. yum, yum, yum.


i’ll try to remember to take a few pictures of body builders tonight so that i can show you guys. the world of body building is a very, very strange (and extremely unhealthy) one. working at the competition’s ticket booth is the most i ever want to be involved with it. i already can’t wait to get into bed tonight. is that sad? i’ve been getting such crappy sleep lately and i’m so tired. i want to take a nap right now, but napping with a full stomach…not feelin’ it. i guess i’ll just relax and catch up on blogs until i have to go back to work. i hope you’re all having a lovely saturday! 😀


13 Responses to “lunch break”

  1. Shelby Says:

    I wish it were more coconutty too! Maybe I should add shredded coconut next time? That would be interesting!

  2. eliza Says:

    the coconut abu looks so good! love all your eats 🙂


  3. Mitri Says:

    Does the coconut abu included coconut extract? Might help *shee-rug*

    How did you get your wrap to hold together so well? The contents of mine always fall out!

  4. Jenny Says:

    i can’t believe how amazing that quesadilla looks sans that cheese! you are such a creative little vegan 🙂

  5. veganfritz Says:

    The bowl made it’s debut! I always pull the packed vegan lunch too. More often than not it’s a almond butter and nanner sandwich P: I hope you catch some quality zZz’s tonight. I know that that I’m always draggin’ without some proper sleepage.
    Have a good one.

  6. psychoj1 Says:

    Delicious eats. Love that wrap and “quesadilla!”
    ❤ jess

  7. Emily Says:

    Yum and YUM! I need to try the BBQ/ranch combo ASAP!

  8. devan newman Says:

    yum! I realyy like the sounds of your breakyy!!!!

  9. broccolihut Says:

    So what takes the place of the queso in the quesadilla? Vegan cheese? I’ve never found a vegan cheese that I liked, but maybe you could provide me with your expert recommendations:)

  10. Helen (Tales Over Tea) Says:

    The wrap in the last pic looks so good I could devour it right now 😀 I agree I think I enjoy food better when eaten out of pretty crockery, especially something you made yourself 🙂

  11. Ada Rubin Says:

    Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE the title of it! It;s so creative:)

  12. Ashley Says:

    Hello lovely! What a pretty new bowl! I agree that food tastes better when you have nice plates and bowls. And also nice and shiny cutlery too 🙂

    I’m a huuuuge cheese girl and really can’t imagine life without it. What do you eat as a cheese substitute? The quesadilla looks pretty delish!

    I want to see these pictures! I must admit, it surprises me that the world of bodybuilding is unhealthy. Why exactly? Other than the over-use of solariums and the abuse of steroids, what else is there? Well… I guess those two things I mentioned are bad enough! In any event, I hope you get an early night 🙂

  13. lola Says:

    that wrap looks delicious!

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