a winner dinner! (and breakfast too!)

last night i made gena’s zucchini hummus, and it was nothing short of absolutely incredible. i followed her recipe exactly, except i left out the sesame seeds and the olive oil, and i used 1/3 cup of raw tahini instead of 1/2 cup. so i guess the word “exactly” doesn’t belong in that sentence, but whatever. it’s still her recipe. this is one of THE best hummuses (spell check says this is incorrect…is there a plural of hummus?!) i have ever tried. not to mention it’s raw, and is vegetable based instead of bean based! it blows the expensive raw hummus i used to buy at the co-op completely out of the water, as well as all other hummi (?!) i’ve ever made. here’s what last night’s batch looked like, fresh out of the food processor, ready to be put in the fridge:



i had a few spoonfuls of it on endive leaves with my dinner, which also consisted of a baked potato (with salsa on the side) and a massaged kale salad. massaged kale salads = my new obsession! warning: i’m about to make a very bold statement. even though these are incomparable meals…i think i liked this massaged kale salad more than i like OATMEAL! can you believe i just said that? okay…maybe that’s a little far-fetched, but i definitely sense a new staple in my life. i’m going to be making massaged kale salads a lot. i sprinkled this one with nutritional yeast, an idea i also got from gena. this girl is RAWMAZING. i know i’ll be making a lot of her recipes in the future. (in fact, i already made one of them this morning!)



rewinding back a few hours before dinner last night, i enjoyed a simple snack. i’ve been enjoying this snack (varying which fruits i use) for a while, but haven’t posted about it yet! it’s just light coconut milk, sweetened up a tad with a little bit of stevia (totally optional) and then topped with fresh and/or frozen fruit. yesterday i used frozen pineapple (pina colada, anyone?) and frozen grapes. i know i’m not the first to make a snack out of coconut milk and fruit, but to those of you who have never had this combo before, i highly recommend it! it’s so satisfying and refreshing. one of the best parts is how the frozen fruit freezes some of the coconut milk around it.



now let’s fast forward past my afternoon snack, past dinner last night, and to this morning. i didn’t have oats! i had a raw breakie instead. a chopped apple doused in cinnamon, a scoop of raw almond butter, and gena’s banana soft serve. it’s extremely hard to believe that the only ingredient in this soft serve is banana! this stuff comes out so smooth and creamy…it’s unbelievable. no wonder everyone has been whipping it up like crazy! i’m so happy i’ve jumped on board! i loved my breakfast this morning.


i think today i might organize my room a bit, and try to form a to-do list that needs to be completed before i move in less than a month! i’m so excited! have a happy hump-day my bloggies! make yourself a massaged kale salad as soon as possible! and then some banana soft serve. 😉


15 Responses to “a winner dinner! (and breakfast too!)”

  1. Maggie Says:

    whoa, these are all awesome raw experiments. i have yet to try the massaged kale salad – must buy kale!!

  2. veganfritz Says:

    massaged kale takes all. I haven’t had any kale in about a week and I can tell you I’m missing it hardcore. & it looks like I’ll have to make some zucchini hummus soon.

  3. Emily Says:

    Hey girl! You’re right, I have been seeing that soft serve everywhere and I need to try it sometime soon…before I no longer have a blender to use! 😦

    I’ve had kale raw before and wasn’t a huge fan of it’s chewiness; which is why I was delighted to try the chips because they turn from chewy to…like air! lol But, Im sure that dish is phenomenal!

  4. Jenny Says:

    “rawmazing” you are such a clever one girl 😉

    honestly, are your meals ever NOT winners?.. you have some serious skills in the kitchen! teach me master ❤

  5. Helen (Tales Over Tea) Says:

    I love writing to do lists (as you’ve seen on my blog) because I’m always thinking of things I need/want to do and then forget about it, so if I think of something I write it on any scrap of paper and then pin them all to my notice board above my dest 🙂 It does work sometimes if I don’t lose the bit of paper 🙂

  6. Mitri Says:

    What! Better than oats?? GET OUT OF MY BLOGROLL XD

    Actually all your eats look delicious and inspire me to eat lotsa veggies 🙂 I also love to-do lists!

  7. Shelby Says:

    Mmm, that looks so amazing! I haven’t tried her raw hummus but now I will have to!

  8. Neela Marijana Says:

    loving the hummus. and just having some banana soft serve. i think i’m in heaven already 🙂

  9. fearlessfabulousfulloflife Says:

    delicious looking humhum! and the kale salad looks MARVELOUS! what exactly does nutritional yeast taste like? i have always been curious! LOVE banana soft serve hehe 🙂 xoxo

  10. burpexcuzme Says:

    rawmazing! lol, I like that!

  11. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    You know, I’ve never actually tried coconut milk, but that snack looks amazing! What a great summer treat. I’ll have to try that out!

    And that soft serve with the cinnamon apple looks so amazing. You’re right… I’m totally adding cinnamon to my next fruit salad! 😀


  12. broccolihut Says:

    Haha, I always use hummi as the plural form–it’s so much fun:)
    That zuke hummus sounds amazing though–I will def have to find that recipe!

  13. Katharina Says:

    Wow! All your eats sound so delicious! My favorite is the coconut milk with the fruits. That sounds perfect. I’ve been wanting to use coconut milk for a hot chocolate recipe lol but it’s the middle of summer. Maybe I’ll make a frozen hot chocolate.. 🙂

    Lol I have no idea what plural word for hummus is. I had a massaged kale salad once. I think I want to try doing it on my own. I’ve only baked kale (and that was yummmmy)

    Take care beautiful lady!!


  14. a shopping mood and some photos of food « cardioVEGsular Says:

    […] cardioVEGsular heartily vegan « a winner dinner! (and breakfast too!) […]

  15. Kailey Says:

    you are one amazing chef my dear!
    love your raw breakfast!! The banana soft serve sounds really good in the morning!

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