12, 11, 10, 9…

yesterday’s eats:

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, cocoa powder, cinnamon, stevia, peanut butter
1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, cocoa powder, cinnamon, stevia, peanut butter
sweet potato with almond butter, forbidden rice with soy sauce, grated zucchini + cucumber + cherry tomatoes with homemade asian dressing
sweet potato with almond butter, forbidden rice with soy sauce, grated zucchini + cucumber + cherry tomatoes with homemade asian dressing
chocolate jocalat bar and frozen cherries
chocolate jocalat bar and frozen cherries
millet and quinoa, sauteed onion and red bell pepper, avocado, bbq sauce
millet and quinoa, sauteed onion and red bell pepper, avocado, bbq sauce

the last picture is of my dinner last night. avocado wasn’t part of the original plan. i was going to have bbq baked tofu, but when i pulled it out of the oven…i dropped it all on the floor! ugh! i know i could have eaten it, but with every bite i would have been thinking about it sitting on the floor. so no thanks. no kitchen floor tofu for me. avocado to the rescue! tofu and avocado are far from similar, but something was needed to round out the meal and this did the trick.

to switch gears here, my doctor’s appointment yesterday went really well. he told me not to worry about what number my weight is, and that the numbers of my blood results are more important. if i’m eating proper meals, getting the nutrients and nourishment i need, feeling great, and experiencing no deficiencies, then there’s no need to stress myself out. so guess what? i’m not going to! i’m perfectly comfortable weighing what i do right now. i love the way i look and feel. i’m not going to purposely gain just because my bmi labels me as underweight. i have good muscle, and do not look emaciated by any means whatsoever. what did people do before scales? how did they judge whether or not they were at healthy weights? i’m sure they based it off how they LOOKED and FELT. i look completely normal, and i feel spectacular. so in conclusion, i’m just going to live my life the way i want to and eat intuitively. that’s what makes both my body and my mind happy. end of story.

phew. glad that little mess is over with. want to know something exciting? only TWELVE days until i move! oh my god!

a.) scary?

b.) exciting?

c.) nerve-wracking?

d.) all of the above?

definitely d!

have a great tuesday, my lovies!


20 Responses to “12, 11, 10, 9…”

  1. Mitri Says:

    That forbidden rice looks so cool. & I hate it when I drop food on the floor! Especially because I have 2 constantly-shedding dogs. . . gross.

    You brought up an excellent point: what DID people do when scales did not exist? It’s funny to think about how this piece of technology helps to ruin people’s lives. I’m glad you mentioned that tidbit 🙂 something for me to think about

  2. Emily Says:

    Yay avocado. Love them but wish they weren’t so expensive. I should probably move to CA, so I can plant a whole grove.

    Glad everything went well at the drs. 🙂

  3. VeggieGirl Says:

    You’re doing great!! So relieved that the doctor’s appointment went well.

    Ahhh you’re moving so soon!! Exciting 😀

  4. keri410 Says:

    Moving definitely is ALL of the above! Good luck with it!

    Glad you have decided to eat intuitively, and as long as your doctor checks off on things and is ok with you staying where you’re at then that’s good. Even tho my numbers check out as ok, I’ve still been told to put on a few more pounds to get into an “acceptable” range, altho I still don’t see myself as having issues. Sorry, way private question, but do you have your monthly you know what? Just curious.

    I totally would have chowed down on the tofu… haha, I eat anything I’ve spent money and/or put effort into. Whatever the case, dinner was colorful! (:

    Have a wonderful Tuesday lovely!

  5. Baylee Says:

    Glad everything went well at the docrots – hes totally right. weight is just a number, your ultimate health is WAY more important.

    gahhh moving is SOOO, SOOO exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! you will have a blast!!!

  6. Jenny Says:

    sorry about your dinner catastrophe but at least avocado was there to save the day!

    woo woo for positive feedback from the doc and moving soon :)!

  7. veganfritz Says:

    Yay doc. stay cool and millet mixed with quinoa? That must’ve been a fluffy grain love-fest.

  8. SHE-FIT Says:

    Whoo! So glad that docs appointment went well.
    The frozen cherries look great. I have only done that with grapes… cherries sound way better though

  9. meg Says:

    Hey jb,
    did you see my question/comment about stevia/maple syrup in one of your last posts?

  10. Lauryn Says:

    i LOVE this post — good for you for doing what’s best for you — numbers mean nothing when you feel, look, and ARE healthy! glad everything went well and you’re still loving on that oatmeal 🙂

  11. Meg Says:

    Haha aw I’m sorry your sorta dropped your dins 😛 it happens, though! And the avocado looks delicious! What a great idea to fill it with sauce – mmm! I might steal that idea 😉 hope ya don’t mind?!

    I’m definitely in TOTAL agreeance with you about feeling great at your weight! I think it’s awesome, and I know you look and feel beautiful, and that’s all that matters.

    Love always,

  12. eliza Says:

    love this post! you are such an inspiration and so amazing 🙂 love love love all your eats, you always have such great ingredients so healthy and amazing, i love that forbidden rice, i had it a while back like in the winter hmmm i should get it again soon, and the jocolat with the fro cherries YUMMM.


  13. Shelby Says:

    I’m glad the doctors appointment went well, I think BMI is a crock if you ask me. People have such a different amount of muscle, fat, whatever…that it is impossible to tell just by weight. You seem like such a healthy girl to me, no worries!

    Ooo, loving the avocado action! And the frozen cherries! YUM!

  14. Neela Marijana Says:

    you’re so right hun, what matters is that you feel good about yourself. there can be a billion things that tell you oh you’re underweight, oh you’ve got a low bp (just an example) but in the end if you feel good in your body that’s what matters the most.
    i am sure you are one stunning women right then and there.
    loving the forbidden rice, sounds so exotic 😉

  15. psychoj1 Says:

    12 days? How exciting!

    Glad the apt. went well. I agree with him. He knows what he’s talking about!
    MMM love your avocado!
    ❤ jess

  16. broccolihut Says:

    So glad your doc’s appt went well! That’s great news.
    Mmm I love the combination of avocado and BBQ–I often make sandwiches out of it!

  17. Kailey Says:

    wow 12 day!? thats so exciting!!
    glad to hear that your doctor’s appt. went well girlie 🙂 Love the sweet potato/almond butter combo!

  18. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Such delicious meals hun, and I’m so glad the appointment went well. I have also found that what’s important is in the test results and the way you feel! Just pay close attention to what your body tells you and don’t be afraid to mention any concerns. I’m so happy for you! 🙂


  19. Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian) Says:

    i am moving too and i am definitely (d) all of the above!!!

  20. Julia Says:

    I’ve been obsessed with the combination of kabocha and forbidden rice! Glad your doctor’s appt. went well, and I totally agree, eating intuitively and feeling healthy is all you need!

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