lara review pt. 1

happy sunday! i’ve had a nice morning so far. i woke up, showered, made a tasty breakfast, watched some of a weird movie with my stepdad, did my nails, and am now sitting here blogging to you from the love-seat in the living room. i plan on having a relaxing day. i’m going to do some packing for the big move, probably walk to whole foods at some point, and then go out to a belated birthday dinner for my stepbrother. he just turned eighteen! i told my stepdad that he should take him to a strip club instead. but he’ll most likely want to go to this one mexican restaurant that he loves, which means i will most likely be picking up something beforehand from a vegan restaurant to take along. i tend to do this whenever my family chooses very non-vegan friendly restaurants. last night was my little cousin’s birthday party, and i made myself a little somethin’ somethin’ to bring over. they’re used to me bringing over my own food, haha. well i’m not going to eat baked ziti, so what’s a girl to do?! this is what i packed:

baked tofu, forbidden rice (with red bell pepper, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes)

baked tofu, forbidden rice (with red bell pepper, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes)

i just love forbidden rice. there’s an organic cafe near my house with lots of vegan options, and that’s where i first tried forbidden rice a long time ago. they mix theirs with a diced vegetable medley and it is so good. i kind of channeled their idea when i made this dinner. but i believe they use corn, zucchini, shallots, and red bell pepper in their dish.

have i bored you with my irrelevant rambling yet? shall we move onto this larabar review now? yeah? okaaaay, moving on. i’m splitting this review into two parts. i’ve tried three new (to me) flavors recently, and i still have three more in the pantry that i’ve never tried before. so first three, here we go.

BANANA BREAD larabar, fresh blueberries, frozen cherries

BANANA BREAD larabar, fresh blueberries, frozen cherries

this was a hefty snack i ate one afternoon this week. it was pretty filling. i love bananas, but you all know that. i used to adore my mom’s homemade banana bread before going vegan, so i’m still trying to figure out why this lara flavor didn’t call out to me from the beginning! it really has that delicious banana bread flavor. how do you do it lara, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

the now famous and much sought after PEABUT BUTTER AND JELLY lara

the now famous and much sought after PEABUT BUTTER AND JELLY lara!

for so long now, i’ve been really excited to try this new flavor! for those of you who are not lara obsessed yet, this flavor is actually new, not just new to me. i searched for it every time i went to a whole foods, the co-op, or any other health food store…and couldn’t find it for the longest time! but alas, the magical moment came when i found it at (surprisingly) one of the smaller whole foods markets in my area. i ate this bad boy in the car on the way to my cousin’s birthday party yesterday afternoon. i had to take a picture of the actual bar, because look how cute it is with all of those visible cherries! i really like this flavor. but for some reason i think i prefer the regular peanut butter cookie lara over this one.

chopped apple, freshly sliced figs, cinnamon, banana ss, COCO MOLE lara

chopped apple, freshly sliced figs, cinnamon, banana ss, COCO MOLE lara

this was my glorious breakfast this morning. how fantastic does that look?! it tasted just as amazing. i’ve always seen the coco mole flavor around, but never bothered to try it. it didn’t interest me until mitri mentioned that it’s one of her favorites. WOW! i love it! it’s one of my favorites now too. don’t let the “chili” ingredient deter you from this lara! it’s great. it tastes like mexican hot chocolate. you know…rich, warm, spicey, and packed with a powerful cocoa punch. i also liked that this bar seemed to have a lot of actual almond pieces.

lara review pt. 2 will be posted as soon as i get through those other three bars. which should be soon, since i’ve been so obsessed with larabars lately. it’s weird how they’ve come back into my life with such force! i’ve always liked them, but right now i’m really loving them! if you have any creative ways to eat a lara, please share! other than that, have a fantastic sunday everybody! i leave for my new apartment in ONE WEEK from today!


15 Responses to “lara review pt. 1”

  1. Mitri Says:

    Glad you’re having a relaxing day and that you tried the Cocoa Mole bar! 🙂 How exciting/frightening/butmostlyexciting it must be to move to your new apartment soon!

  2. eliza Says:

    yay! you got the new lara’s! can you believe they havent came into any of my local co-ops, or the 2 whole foods near me :/ so weird…but in Manhattan, i saw the German chocolate cake one, and the tropical one but the line was incrediblyyyy long and maya and i were about to go meet up with veggie girl/Liz 🙂 so we didnt have any time to wait 😦 but i am dying to try the tropical one especially….the pbj looks so good with the cherry chunks yum!
    and glad your having a relaxing day…and it must be so great that you are moving soon. ahhh i wish i was moving too lol…


  3. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope Says:

    Great review hun! I LOVE the banana bread Larabar, and really want to try the Peanut Butter and Jelly. I have the Cocoa Mole in my pantry, but have been a little wary of trying it. I’m definitely going to have to though! 🙂

    Enjoy your relaxing day!


  4. veganfritz Says:

    I want to meet this elusive ‘Lara’ and give her a big hug for delivering deliciousness to the masses.

  5. Nora Says:

    I just tried forbidden rice for one of the first times too! I loved it. There’s a bunch of Larabar flavors I haven’t tried yet either 😦 but I’m always on the lookout for the PB&J one!

  6. burpexcuzme Says:

    I leave for USC exactly ONE WEEK from today, too! Haha! Exciting times ahead of us!
    I’m not a big fan of Larabars, though, sorry! They just taste so weird to me. But then, you say the same things to meat, so we’re even xp
    BUT I do agree that forbidden rice is SO good. Wonder why they are called that, though? Hmm…google time? Hee hee

  7. Jess Says:

    I LOVE larabars and those look delicious! I don’t think I’ve tried those yet. I am in love with the cherry pie flavor, have you tried that one yet?
    ❤ jess

  8. Emily Says:

    It’s nice that you can still celebrate with the fam and are flexible enough to pack your own eats. 🙂

    I can’t wait to find new lara flavors around here!

  9. broccolihut Says:

    Mmm I love me some Laras. I love eating them crumbled on top of my oats!

  10. Neela Marijana Says:

    glad you enyoed the new lara hun. i still have to wait a long long time till i’ll get to try them 😦
    have a beautiful sunday

  11. Lexi Says:

    I haven’t had a lara in a really long time, but planning to have one this week as my challenge food! Can’t wait! Thanks for your reviews 🙂

  12. ~Jessica~ Says:

    Great review, although that shot of the PB&J is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey for me (no Larabars in the UK any more *sniff* I’m eating the last of my stash hoarded over the past few weeks)

    I just wanted to say that although I’m a new reader I adore your blog: you really speak from the heart and your honesty is so refreshing, particularly in your recent posts about the expectations of society to fit in a certain BMI category. You are doing what’s right for you and that is so admirable ~ it’s brilliant that you stick to your guns/beliefs and bring your own food, no matter what others may think or say.

    I admire your approach to food and exercise so much: although we’re both vegans I feel that I have so much to learn and I wish I had your philosophy towards nutrition…I also wish I could consider a Larabar and some fruit a hefty snack *shakes fist at enormous appetite*.

    Have a fabulous day : )


  13. elise Says:

    im ALMOST too jealous to read the review…haha. just kidding! but seriously, where the eff is this larabar!?!?

  14. Shelby Says:

    Mmm, love that PB&J larabar!

  15. Darshak Sureja Says:

    Nice Article!

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