i scream for rice-cream (and a cookie too!)

yesterday my mom packed a lot of my clothes up, and today she finished the tedious chore, then shipped them off to the new apartment! thank god for her. i’m hopeless at packing. it was hard enough for me to just organize everything and get all of my stuff together. last night we decided that we were going to skip the gym this morning, because we were both really beat from an exhausting day of exercising, running errands, walking a lot, and doing moving tasks. i woke up this morning and had a warm cup of licorice tea, diddle daddled around, took a shower, and then made this delicious breakfast:
cinnamon sauteed plantain, strawberry jam and raw tahini on a 7 sprouted grains english muffin

cinnamon sauteed plantain, strawberry jam and raw tahini on a 7 sprouted grains english muffin

AHHHH, such a FABULOUS combination! after breakie i had a teeth cleaning appointment. joy! then i went shopping for about an hour before meeting HE (my bestest, bestest, BESTEST friend whom i’m going to miss very, very, VERY much while i’m away) for lunch at none other than real food daily. and yes, bestest becomes a word when it’s used to describe her. i didn’t get anything when i went shopping except for a few vegan eyeshadows. the real highlight of the afternoon was the lunch i had with HE. i didn’t have my camera with me, so it went unphotographed. sorry! i got salisbury seitan with mashed potatoes and gravy, and a small ceasar salad (just incase you care.) however, dessert was so delicious that i decided to whip out the blackberry cam (after taking a bite of the cookie and a bite…er, two bites…of the ice-cream.) take a look:

vanilla rice ice-cream

vanilla rice ice-cream

carob mint cookie made from oat, barley, and spelt flower, and sweetened with maple

a carob mint cookie made from oat, barley, and spelt flower; sweetened with maple

we didn’t share. that was just mine. haha! she got the same thing but with a chocolate chip cookie instead. okay, so i’m a little bit ashamed to show this next picture…but i will post it anyway. i gotta admit it…i couldn’t finish the cookie! *gasp!* well, i could have, but i didn’t. and the worst part is that i left two measly bites. come on, JB, what’s the matta with you?! in my defense, you know that feeling when you’re just done? simple d.o.n.e? that was me. what can i say? i’m not going to eat something i don’t want to eat. usually i don’t even have dessert at all, but this treat was worth every single bite. so heavenly that i could hear angels singing to me in my ear. i can’t believe i won’t be able to dine at my favorite vegan haven again until november! noooo! good thing there are so many amazing vegan places where i’m moving to!

the leftovers...teehee

the leftovers...teehee

i just realized how long of a post this is going to be…because i still have yesterday’s raw lunch pictures to show! my mom and i ate at a cute little restaurant called better life cuisine. it’s organic, raw, and vegan…could there be a better combination? we started with a cup of soup to share.



chili soup with crackers

chili soup with sprouts and crackers

it was perfectly spicey, had SO much flavor, and the little bits of veggies gave it a nice texture. as for those crackers, i only had a couple of bites. they look tasty, but i wasn’t a huge fan. my mom really liked them, though. as for our entrees, i got the veggie salad.

mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower greens, tomato, "grilled" onions, cucumbers, curry sauce, 3 croquettes, barbeque sauce, and house dressing

mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower greens, tomato, "grilled" onions, cucumbers, curry sauce, 3 croquettes, barbeque sauce, and house dressing

it was great! i didn’t use much of the curry sauce, and actually asked for a side of the bbq sauce they put on top, because that was good. the croquettes were sweet and delicious as well. what i really loved were the onions. i hate raw onion, so i don’t know what they did to them! as for my mommy, she chose a couple of salads from the deli case.

kale salad and beet salad with crackers

kale salad, beet salad, crackers

i didn’t try any of her dish, but she loved it! my mom doesn’t like fruit in salads (she actually hates fruit in salads) but she loved that the beet salad had apple in it. funny! she also ordered this…

tuna! or should i call it "toona?"

tuna! or should i call it "toona?"

i had about half of one of those scoops…okay, maybe a little bit more than that. it was so good! it didn’t really taste like tuna (which is a good thing, if you ask me.) my mom was crazy about this stuff, and so was i! i should hit the chef up for the recipe! neither of us wanted dessert, but i had to take a few pictures of the display case because everything looked so beautiful and amazing! why are raw desserts so decadent?!




i’ll leave you with those sweet treats for now, and wish you all a happy rest of the night! cheerio! little tidbit: my grandpa uses “cheerio” in substitution for goodbye. he’s such a cutie. he’s also the type that purposely says happy halloween on christmas, or merry christmas on easter. haha.


12 Responses to “i scream for rice-cream (and a cookie too!)”

  1. broccolihut Says:

    Wow, that cookie is calling my name! The beet salad looks pretty darn good too.

  2. eliza Says:

    that cookie looks so great, i would love to start baking and make wonderful healthy little treats like that 😉 and those plantains, your meals are so creative and i always love what you have.


  3. Katie Says:

    All of that food looked so lovely and delicious! Especially the cookie and desserts. 😉

    I have a question for you, and I don’t know if you can answer it…but I see that a lot of bloggers get to try samples of products and do reviews….how do you do that exactly? Does the company contact you or do you have to have special relations with them? I am curious and interested in sampling some products 🙂


  4. Neela Marijana Says:

    glad to hear you had a nice day with mum at your vegan restaurant. you seems to have many raw places in your area i guess. lucky you. enjoy it while you can 😉

  5. veganfritz Says:

    rawtacular. hah.

  6. psychoj1 Says:

    Your grandpa sounds like quite the character–love that!

    Mmm that restaurant sounds neat! I love beets!
    ❤ jess

  7. Bianca- Vegan Crunk Says:

    That raw soup with the crackers looks so good! And so do the cinnamon plantains! Good luck with the packing!

  8. Jenny Says:

    I am totally channeling the cookie monster right now … me.want.cookie! what brand is that little gem?!

    and rice cream?! nom! I want to live with you 🙂

    good luck packing my girl!

  9. burpexcuzme Says:

    rice cream! My my…such delicious and colorful eats! I don’t think I’ll ever be a Vegan, but I’d love to try some of these interesting eats for sure!

  10. VeggieGirl Says:

    Moms are the best 😀

    Great eats, as always!!

  11. Jessica Says:

    Oh. my. goodness.

    My first thought was “where the heck can I buy mass amounts of those cookies?!” Everything looks so delish! And those crackers? Heavenly!

  12. elise Says:

    i want EVERY dang thing on this post…even those leftover crumbs, haha!

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