hello there!


JB = my first and middle initials. for the purpose of this blog, that’s what i’ve chosen to go by. i’m an 18 year old vegan who loves health, exercise, family, nature, creativity, mind puzzles, good sleep, and good food! i was an on and off vegetarian for a few years until taking the leap into veganism in april of 2009. like many fellow vegans say, i can’t imagine ever going back. even though i LOVE being vegan, i have nothing against people who don’t follow a vegan diet. nobody in my family is even a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. so please, feel free to talk to me or follow my blog no matter what you eat (or don’t eat.)

i live in the lovely state of california, and have since the day i was born. my family is the most important thing in my life and i love them to pieces. i have a younger brother, wonderful parents, the best stepfather, an insane but adorable cat, cousins who are like best friends, and grandmas who spoil me. 😛

i’m a procrastinator, rambler, over-analyzer, worrier, doodler, sympathizer, healthy-eater, and animal lover. i try my hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible, treat others the way i would like to be treated, be true to myself, and appreciate everything i love. through veganism i hope to live a long, happy, and healthy life!

even though i’m a super excessive rambler, i’ll try not to overload you with my babbling. i have the tendency to go on and on about unimportant topics, and the last thing i want to do is bore all of you lovely bloggers! but, inevitably, my posts will consist of some rambling. sorry!

this page is lacking color and cuteness, don’t you agree? meet ollie, my carnivorous kitty who eats raw chicken. (not my idea. this furry baby also belongs to my mom, brother, and stepdad.) he’s precious until the claws come out to play.



5 Responses to “about”

  1. Maggie Says:

    awww cute kitty!

    thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂 yours seems very cool. i’m in california too by the way (but i’m a newbie to california – i grew up on the east coast and just moved here in feb 2008).

  2. veganfritz Says:

    hellohello JB,
    Thank you for the comment. Love the blog & Ollie! He looks just as alluring as yourself.
    As for EDBV – p.147 with a little p. 157 – s’all I’m sayin’. P:

    Have a magnificent day

  3. hayleycepeda Says:

    I LOVE your blog! The way you write is very enjoyable and easy to read and your meals look amazing! I followed the link to your blog from HEAB’s. I look forward to trying some of your recipes! 🙂

  4. healthyhappyhippiechick Says:

    i love your blog! i hope you don’t mind i put you on my blogroll


  5. Erin Says:

    What a glorious blog. I love ramblers and kitties as well 🙂

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